10 Best Books About New Year’s Resolutions

The new year will soon be knocking on our doors, and we only have one choice: to embrace and warmly welcome it. But let’s make some promises to ourselves this new year to bring a change in us, improve our pitfalls, and make them our strengths. To help you out with your new year’s resolutions, I will suggest the 10 best books about new year’s resolutions.

  1. Daring Greatly

Daring Greatly was written by Brene Brown in 2012. More than 2 million copies of this book have been sold out, and it is regarded as New York Times best seller. The writer had given their audience a new perspective to live, educate, lead and work in a way that empowers and strengthens us. The book leads its audience so that if they are in danger or at risk, they try to take that risk as a task an

d dare themselves to complete it. 

  1. Are You Fully Charged?

This book, written by Tom Rath, is one of the best sellers books in the New York Times. It is a great book that provides its readers with 3 main keys and sources to energize themselves in their life and work.

This book can be the reason behind our success as it emphasizes the transformations that can brighten our future, whether it is the change we have to bring into our lifestyle, social circle, or business deals. The book’s main idea is to reconsider that we are completely energized and charged. The only way we can reconsider is by challenging ourselves to stop running behind the happiness and to work in a way that will walk on your doorsteps to welcome you.

  1. Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything

It is my personal favorite book for new year’s resolutions, written by BJ Frogg. This book is penned by a habit expert who had minutely discussed the tiny habits which, if we change in the upcoming year, can bring a revolution. He shared some breakthrough methods in his book for building our new habits quickly and easily. The new and changed little practices can increase our productivity and creativity, leading to the road to a happy and optimistic life.

  1. Atomic Habits

Let’s resolve to break our bad routines and habits and convert them into good and productive ones. Atomic habit is a book by James Clear Water, and he says that whatever happens if you deeply read and analyze, this book can give you a whole mind map for changing your bad habits into good ones and mastering small manners, which can bring a huge transformation in us. By reading this book, we can learn to defend unwelcome thoughts and overcome an absence of self-motivation.

  1. Love 2.0

We are so lost in our worldly life and work that we almost forget to love ourselves and our health and put them down to secondary needs. To prosper in life, the initial step is to consider ourselves, our health, and our relationships. Love 2.0 is the book we need to read this year to flourish. The book is written by Barbara L. Fredrickson. The author highlights the importance of physical and mental health, which should come before anything in our lives.

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  1. Own It

For my feminine audience, I suggest this book mainly to you so you can strengthen and empower yourselves in every 0sector of work and life. Dear ladies, wherever you work or at which stage of your career you are standing, you should set some rules for yourself and fully own them so you can establish them in your life to become a successful professional lady. The author of this book is Sallie Krawcheck.

  1. Vibrate Higher Daily

If you want some motivation to outstand in your life, read Vibrate Higher Daily by Lalah Delia this new year. If you want to progress in your life positively, you need to have strong control over your emotions and feelings so nobody can overuse you. This book helps to clear your confused mind and intentions so you can make clean decisions to lift your habits, routines, and lifestyle. The author asks the readers to listen to the unique inner voice of their soul in their difficult times and lead the world by their mind, not by heart.

  1. 10% Happier

In this era of technology, when people are running behind in wealth, good grades, and good lifestyles, they are conquered by the problems like stress, anxiety, and depression which may lead to a catastrophe. Before welcoming this new year, you need to read this book 10% happier to learn to control your mind and the voice that usually pinches in your head. It will be a perfect cure for your stress and depression and will slightly remove these problems from your lives if you implement it.

  1. You’re Not Lost

Maxie McCoy had given us a perfect recipe to fish out for our path. You will read real-life stories of different women and McCoy’s life, and then you can draw your action plan to help you work out successfully. The book will straighten your lost directions and set up a plan for you to lead in life.

10. Hope in the Dark

The book can help you in many difficult situations when you feel completely distressed and hopeless. The book gives a life-saving lesson to the people on how they can escape from despair and dark events of their life and find or create new hope for them to relive their lives. This book, written by Rebecca Solnit, should be on your search list this upcoming year.


Before welcoming your New Year this time, I suggest you read and critically analyze these 10 best books about new year’s resolutions so you can see a little change in your life that may become a lifesaving change. So, this time while making your resolution for 2023, recall the wise words of these books.

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