How to celebrate new year’s eve in Paris 

Are you lucky enough to celebrate this new year in Paris? If your answer is yes, then we got your back. The city of light,  Paris, offers many festive ways to celebrate this new year. If you want to know Let’s discuss How to celebrate new year’s eve in Paris, this article is for you.

Celebrating new year’s eve in Paris is always a perfect idea.

Let’s discuss How to celebrate new year’s eve in Paris and make it unforgettable.

4 Ways for How to celebrate new year’s eve in Paris:

how to celebrate new year's eve in paris

The capital of France, Paris, is one of the exciting places to celebrate this new year’s eve. New year’s eve begins on January 1st and lasts the whole month of January. French people wish each other throughout January. So you don’t need to be surprised if you hear the wishes for the whole month.

Let’s learn how to celebrate new year’s eve in Paris in simple yet fun ways

Catch a fancy Dinner

Paris is known as one of the culinary capitals of the world. That’s why it has a lot of remarkable restaurants that offer special menus for this new year’s eve. 

To welcome the new year, locals spend this night in Paris eating a special dinner. Flo Group is famous for its French Brasserie Brasserie. A special dinner is offered in Brasserie Floderer on new year’s eve 2023.

Another great option for an elegant dinner is in Le Ciel de Paris. You can view the whole city from the 56th tower of the Montparnasse tower. 

Remember to wear a proper dress code for these restaurants. Don’t wear your usual jeans, sneakers, or t-shirts if you don’t want to be turned away at the door.

Watch Netflix shows:

New year’s eve in Paris is the best time to spend with family and friends. Many people would plan to spend this night happily sitting by the fire and with pets by their side. You can watch the best Netflix shows that are adored for their amazing storyline. 

One of the best Netflix shows in 2020 is Outerbanks. Outerbanks is an action crime drama story and is the perfect pick for this new years eve. 

How can we leave The Witcher out of the list? The Witcher is known as the Geralt of Rivia. The Witcher is a monster fighting to find his place in this world.

So if you are planning to watch some fantastic shows this new year’s eve, remember to watch these shows.

Attend The champ- Elysees Festivities:

The Champ Elysees is the party’s center for this new year’s eve. You can have an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower and its midnight display at this party. 

Starting around 9:00 pm, thousands of visitors and residents from several places come here and dine before or after the festivities. 

Pickpocketing is common in these festivities in large crowds. So they call for awareness of your personal belongings called bon enfant.

If you are crowd shy, don’t go to this part, as these festivities include plenty of drinking spots and overcrowded places.

How to celebrate new year's eve in Paris 

Go on a New Year’s Cruise on the Seine:

What’s better than celebrating Paris new year’s eve by taking a cruise on the river seine? You can cruise down the river and enjoy a meal to kick off your new year’s eve in Paris. You can choose between several departures which suit your schedule.

The actual fun starts from Eiffel tower at porte de la bourdonnais. You can see Petit Palais and the majestic Louvre for an amazing festive experience. Remember to choose the Premier Service option and take a break from dinner on New year’s eve in Paris.


So you can make this new year’s eve a memorable eve by celebrating this eve with classical music, having dinner, watching Netflix shows, and many more. 

Another lively and cool place is Bus Palladium, where you can head for a long eve and can extend into the morning hours. 

New year’s eve in Paris is all about fun and, no doubt, the biggest party of the year. So let’s make this eve memorable by going out to a  party, having drinks, catching dinner, and watching your favorite show while cuddling up on your couch.

Remember to say Happy new year while celebrating this eve in Paris.

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