Is McDonald’s Open on New Year’s Eve? Exact Answer for 2024

Finalllyyyy, New Year’s Eve is here after spending days celebrating the holidays, leading it all up to the Big New Year countdown. New Year’s Eve is all about spending good quality time, staying up late, sipping drinks, watching movies, and hangouts, making it a ritual for the first day of January not to go well.

Nights like these go superbly with McDonald’s Burgers and fries in one hand and drinks in the other Because it fixes everything!

So, the answer to the question.

Is McDonald’s Open on New Year’s Eve?”

Is, Hell, Yes!

What are McDonald’s Opening hours on New Year’s Eve?

It might be Turkey and the trimmings season, but let’s be factual, who wants to spend their day cooking at home on days like these? And on the top of the list, when has it never been a time for McDonald’s? McFlurry, McNuggets, and a Big Mac to get ourselves started for the New Year. 

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What are McDonald’s Closing hours on New Year’s Eve?

McDonald’s closing hours generally start from 10 PM onwards. So there’s no actual need for anybody to worry. One can very relaxingly visit McDonald’s and get their cravings satisfied. 

The important thing to notice is that only some stores/branches will be closed. The uncrowded areas in the city might be closed, but the rest will keep operating during their usual hours.

What is the McDonald’s best to get on New Year’s Eve?

Although McDonald’s always has special deals coming out on special occasions, it is usually named with the occasion’s name. But McDonald’s burger combos, fries, milkshakes, and Desserts will always remain #1. 


1. McDonald’s Open in Canada on New Year’s Eve?

Imagine a World without the Big Mac, Happy Meal, or the Quarter Pounder sandwich. Exactly!

McDonald’s Canada is one of the progressive leading food services and is always ready to serve its people, whether it’s New Year’s Eve or Christmas. 

2. McDonald’s Open in the UK on New Year’s Eve?

The year always feels like an emotional ride when it comes to an end. 

Fortunately, in the UK, McDonald’s is here for us both on New Year’s Eve and Day. Always there to help you recover from a wild night. 

3. McDonald’s Open in NYC on New Year’s Eve?

The biggest branch of McDonald’s NYC is in Times Square. The restaurant has a 3-story building and 170+ sets of tables and seats. 

Providing you with all possibilities to satisfy your heartfelt desired cravings, it serves both on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

4. How to know if McDelivery is available to your address?

Depending on your location, it is available on Grubhub, DoorDash, Postmates, or DoorDash apps. You can also order McDelivery through the McDonald’s application itself. 

Reaching the end!

So, the delight of McDonald’s menu is an absolute thing to have on New Year’s Eve. 

Satisfy all your mouthwatering cravings this New Year without any sweat, people. 


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