Top New Year’s Eve Events in Akron, Ohio 2024

For several years, the downtown area of Akron was the location of the city’s annual First Night event, which took place on December 31. A long-running and trendy party that brought large crowds out to the downtown area for fireworks displays, hotels & restaurants for NYE, Parties, and live entertainment to ring in the new year.

Akron offers something for everyone to celebrate the arrival of 2024 in style. Here are some exciting New Year’s Eve events in Akron, Ohio

New Year’s Eve Events in Akron Ohio

Downtown Countdown

The largest and most awaited event of the year in Akron is the Downtown Countdown, where you may kick off your New Year’s Eve party. 

This energetic street festival transforms the streets of Akron’s downtown into a vibrant funfair of lights, music, and entertainment. Join the thrilling countdown while enjoying live music performances by talented local performers. 

For party-goers of all ages, the Downtown Countdown offers a fantastic experience.

new year's eve events in akron

Cultural Celebrations

New Year’s Eve is the ideal occasion to celebrate and embrace Akron’s rich cultural diversity. Akron is a city that takes great pride in its multiculturalism. 

Through unique cultural events and performances, you may discover many cultures’ vivid traditions and practices. 

Experience live music and dance performances from around the globe, fascinating art exhibitions, and mouthwatering regional cuisine, representing their culture that showcases the city’s dedication to diversity and acceptance of all cultures.

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New Year’s Eve Bash at Lock 3:

Join the lively environment at Lock 3, a well-liked outdoor entertainment location in Akron, for a fabulous New Year’s Eve bash. Evening events at Lock 3 begin with live music, DJ performances, ice skating, and delectable food selections. 

As the clock strikes midnight, assemble with other partygoers for the countdown to the New Year, which is accompanied by a spectacular fireworks show that illuminates the night sky. For those looking for a fun-filled event, Lock 3 offers a vibrant atmosphere.

New Year’s Eve Hotels

In Akron-Ohio, the hotels offer a great range of accommodation options starting from 66$ in Akron, Ohio. Many of these hotels will be hosting their very own New Year’s Eve parties, with gala dinners, live music, and other forms of entertainment, to persuade guests to stay at the hotel rather than go out to celebrate their First Night in the city.

Akron, Ohio NYE Restaurants 

The Akron Civic Theatre presents a fantastic Dinner and Dance event with musical and dramatic performances by local performers for a more luxurious and sophisticated New Year’s Eve experience. 

Additionally, there are art exhibits, ice carving, face painting, and other interactive and hands-on activities in various locations. The first starts at nine in the morning, and the second starts all over downtown at midnight. 

There are face painting stations, balloon artists, and even a dedicated KidsFest area with various engaging activities for children. As the evening progresses, attendees can witness breathtaking fireworks lighting up the Akron skyline, marking the arrival of the new year. The First Night Akron captures the essence of community and celebration, guaranteeing your place at this unforgettable event. Reserve your tickets in advance now.

Live Stream 

Akron’s New Year’s Eve celebrations are increasingly being streamed life online for those who would instead ring in the new year from the comfort of their own homes. 

As a result, people may participate in the festivities while still enjoying the comfort and privacy of their homes. Viewers can experience the numerous real-time celebrations, musical performances, and fireworks displays through live streaming.

New Year’s Eve Family Fun at Akron Zoo:

The Akron Zoo performs a special event on New Year’s Eve that blends entertainment and animals if you’re searching for a family-friendly celebration. Bring your family along to experience a fun-filled evening of performances, animal encounters, and holiday decorations. 

Enjoy a sparkling grape juice toast as the clock strikes midnight and soak in the happiness of beginning the new year surrounded by lovely animals and fond memories.

Fireworks Displays

Without a fireworks display, no New Year’s Eve celebration is complete. Akron offers several fantastic locations to witness the night sky illuminated by dazzling bursts of colours. There are TWO fireworks displays in Akron, Ohio, located at Lock 3

Akron’s New Year’s Eve events promise excitement, entertainment, and a memorable start to the year ahead. So, gather your loved ones and join the vibrant celebrations in Akron. 

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