Best Light Up New Year’s Eve Headbands 

Looking for a headband to complete your New Year’s Eve look? No worries when we are here to discuss the best headbands presented by different sellers. We know you have started early preparations for welcoming the New Year 2023.

You have added new things to your home, renovating your places, and much more. But the whole preparation is incomplete if you look incomplete. 

Conclude your accessories by adding a headband to the shopping list. You will look stunning when you wear a classy headband with no other ornament. The decent look of headbands will make you vibrant this NYE. Have a look at the best light up new year’s eve headbands we are going to review for you. 

best light up new years eve headbands

Best Light Up New Year’s Eve Headbands – Overview of List

Product BrandPriceMaterialGlittering source
Amosfun Happy New Year HeadbandTinkskyAmosfun$8.79Aluminium foil paperGold powder
Light Up Tinsel Kitty Cat Ear HeadbandFlashingBlinkyLights$15.99Plastic and tinselTinsel and LED
Feather Crown Luminous HeadbandPutdigei$14.99FeathersLED
Star Boppers Happy New Year Headband Needzo$9.88Plastic, fabric, and tinselSilver tinsel
Light Up Tropical Orchid Flower Crown HeadbandFlashingBlinkyLights$13.99PlasticLED
Amscan New Year Multi-Icon HeadbandAmscan$13.99Plastic, soft fabric, and tinselGolden tinsel strips and stars
Aumiss LED Flower HeadbandAumiss$15.99PlasticLED

Quick Pick Section

If you want to know our best picks before drowning in the details, then have a look: 

  1. Star Boppers Happy New Year Headband – (Best Overall)

It is the best headband for the happy new year in our list. It has no battery-operated lighting, shines through tinsels, and is affordable. 

  1. Amosfun Happy New Year Headband – (Best in Price)

This is the best if we discuss the budget. Anyone can easily buy it.

  1. Feather Crown Luminous Headband – (Best in Design)

This feathery crown is soft and the one that gives you the best looks to wear.

7 Best Light Up New Year’s Eve Headbands Reviewed

Amosfun Happy New Year Headband


Make your looks attractive this Happy New Year with the Amosfun headband. This is too light to carry, and you feel no weight on your head. Aluminum foil paper is the integral component used for manufacturing this unique headpiece. The aluminum foil paper is flexible, so you can easily wear and adjust it over your head. To increase its glamour, powdered gold has been sprinkled over it, which shines in the light. Its exclusive design has been specially made to target the New Year Event. 


  • Flexible and easy to carry
  • Lightweight
  • Shiny and attractive 
  • Deformable material 
  • Hard to break


  • Good to use for 2-3 times only

Light Up Tinsel Kitty Cat Ear Headband


If you are planning to give a cat look this New year Part, your look is incomplete without this light-up pom headband. This headband carries LED lights inside, which illuminate in multi-colors. 

 It looks so outstanding when you wear it over your head. The LED is charged with small batteries that are replaceable. You can change the colors of the light or set the blinky function through the control system. 

This makes you to wear different styles in just one headband. If we talk about the weight, the flashing headband has a light duty over the head. 


  • Dainty and not heavy
  • A beaming and shiny look
  • Easy to wear
  • Have LED 
  • Runs on replaceable batteries
  • For theme parties and gatherings


  • Run on batteries – not for children under 13

Feather Crown Luminous Headband


Try this fluffy headband for a soft, smooth look like a fairy. This crown has stumped up cushy feathers in layers upon layers. These cushy feathers have small LED lights that run on batteries and light up the headband. 

You do not need extra batteries while wearing. You can simply turn on the micro switch present in it to brighten the crown. You can adjust brightness and light-emitting modes through the control system.

The best thing about this headband is that anyone can wear it. This is lightweight, stretchable, and flabby. 


  • Made up of soft feathers
  • So lightweight and airy
  • Have LED lights 
  • Give a smoothly radiating look
  • Suitable for Happy New Year and all other events
  • Available in monochromatic as well as multi-colors


  • Run on batteries, so not suitable for children 

Star Boppers Happy New Year Headband 


This headband is made specifically for NEW YEAR. This is made up of flexible plastic covered with soft fabric. There are tinsels that wrap 70% part of the headband. This tinsel gives a shiny silver look and makes you attractive in dim light. 

There are two large stars attached with springs to the headband. They wiggle and jiggle when they move. The dancy look of stars and the shiny appearance of silver tinsel is best for wearing at this new year’s eve party or while watching fireworks. 


  • For theme look
  • Wiggling stars and lustrous tinsel
  • Easy to wear 
  • As light as a feather
  • Soft covering of fabric
  • Flexible plastic 


  • Most probably for 1-2 times use only

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Light Up Tropical Orchid Flower Crown Headband


For making your NYE colorful, wear this headband with decent clothing. This headband is covered with colorful flowers thoroughly. The illuminating component is LED which is covered under the flowers. This is handy to wear and light up. You simply need to turn on the micro switch and enjoy the vibrant look. The mercury batteries used inside are safe and shack free.  The size headband can be fitted to anyone because it is bendable and flexible. Flowers add a jazzy look and make your day awesome. 


  • Flamboyant look due to flowers
  • Malleable and transformable band plastic
  • Easy to wear due to low weight
  • LED light source
  • Replaceable batteries


  • Not safe for children due to battery

Amscan New Year Multi-Icon Headband


If you feel danger while wearing battery-associated headbands, then here is a non-LD glittering headband for making your day. This headband is fine and flexible, so you can easily wear it. This is so lightweight. 

The combination of black and gold is elegant, and you will feel royal. Cutout toppers are standing over the headband. These toppers include a small Happy New Year hat, a clock indicating it’s 12, a champagne bottle, a cool glass, and a clink. 

There are glittering tinsels and a strip of stars that are used to make it more vibrant and luminous.  All give the vibes of NYE. The fabric covering the plastic headband is soft that feels relaxing on your head.


  • Not battery operated
  • Soft fabric wrapping
  • Transformable plastic
  • Easy to wear
  • Cute cutout toppers
  • Glittery star and tinsel strips


  • Cutout toppers are not metallic but simply made of fabric. 

Aumiss LED Flower Headband


This is an LED headband ornamented with flowers. When the flowers radiate with the luminous light, it gives a jazzy look to you for New Year’s Night. 

You can wear it at beach parties, clubs, or restaurants. You can buy either a monochromatic or multi-color headband in this design. The plastic used in it is comfortable and flexible. You can easily modify the fitting according to your head size. 

The flowers are made of soft thick fomic sheets that are so smooth to the touch. The batteries are replaceable in the LED. 


  • Soft floral design
  • Transformable and malleable plastic on headband
  • LED lighting 
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Comfortable and weightless
  • Available in different colors


  • LED lights do not work for long

Things to Consider While Buying Headbands – A Buying Guide

Either you shop a small thing or a big thing, you need to analyze the product properly. In this way, you spend money on the right things and get quality things in the end. To buy a headband, you must keep the following things in mind.


Check the material of the headband thoroughly. It is too tough to transform if it is made up of hard plastic. You cannot wear and remove it easily. Try to stretch the headband with your hand to check its flexibility. 

You will find the band is covered with a piece of fabric. The fabric must be clean and smooth. Some headbands have beads on them. Make sure that these beads are firmly fixed on the plastic. 


Before choosing the headband, keep the event focus for which you buy it. The style of the headband directly corresponds with the place and gathering. For parties, you can wear fancy, beaded, or glittering headbands. For casual meet-ups, simple, less loaded headbands make your look elegant. 

The part of the day also influences the selection of headbands. You cannot wear LED light headbands during the day. To get a glamorous look with LED light headbands, you must wear them in the evening or at night.


This aspect cannot be compromised over the style of headbands. Some headbands look so pretty and irresistible, but when you buy and wear them, all the pleasures get gone if they are hard and uncomfortable. With a hard and heavy headband, your head gets compressed from the sides, and it aches. It ruins not only your mood but the day as well. 

The hard headbands are brittle too. They cannot transform, so they break instantly if you try to stretch them. So buy the soft, comforting, and flexible headband.


Choose the headband according to the size of your head. Large-sized headbands are too loose to wear and fall again and again. It becomes obligatory to set them all the time over the head, which seems so irritating. While on the other small-sized headbands are hard to wear or get broken in just a few trials. Small headbands hurt the head too. So, buy the one that fits over your head.


The last but not least thing to consider is the price of the headband and your budget. If you have enough budget to buy your favorite headband, buy it instantly. But, if you lack the money, don’t overstress your budget. Get the comforting headband at a low price. 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear a headband in the office?

An office is a place where you have to look professional. You can wear a simple, minimal headband that does not disturb you while working. Wearing a stylish beaded headband makes you look odd and nonprofessional.

Which type of fabric is best for headbands?

Any fabric in which your head feels comfortable and relaxed is suitable for making a headband. The highly recommended fabric among all is polyester knit. It is soft, smooth, and more stretchable than cotton. 

What is the difference between a hairband and a headband?

A headband is a kind of hair accessory that is worn over the forehead. It is mostly used to keep forehead hairs from falling over the eyes. On the other hand, a hairband is used to tie hair. 

Pro Tips for Using Headbands

There are a few tips that might be helpful for you about purchasing and wearing a headband.

  1. Buy headbands according to the seasons. Plastic-type headbands are wearable in summer, whereas velvet and cottony head crowns are wearable in winter. 
  2. Wear the headband over or in front of the head. Do not wear it on the rear side. 
  3. Choose and wear the headband according to the look you want. For a decent look, wear minimal theme headbands. For stylish gatherings, wear fluffy or glittering crowns. 
  4. Clean your headband after each use. This will increase its durability and longevity.
  5. Some skins are allergic to metals. Beware, if you are allergic, then do not buy metallic headbands. 

Bottom Line 

We have thoroughly discussed the best headbands, the things you should consider before buying, and the tips that can aid you. We have played our part in making your New Year’s Eve 2023 special for you. Now it’s your turn to select the best one that is skin friendly and will give you your favorite looks. 

We hope that you find reading this article worthwhile. Write your favorite headband in the comment section. 

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