What do you think makes people love traveling? If you think it’s just the road or the view, then, No, Your Honour, you need to reconsider that thought.  

People who love to travel love the new cultures, traditions, foreign cuisines, incredible views, relaxation, the ocean, and so much more. And places that offer all the things mentioned above altogether.  

And London, The London, is the best place that fits into the example.  

London has so much to offer people: from history and tradition to fine food and royalty. London’s vibrant culture makes it pop among the World’s most international cities. 

Why is London the best city to travel to? 

Every year London ranks as one of the finest European cities to visit for families, friends, or even couples. And it’s not hard to understand why. The Royalty it offers, the incredible food, the exquisite architecture, and the history by the bucket load, it’s not hard to understand why. 

London also has a magnetic collection of music, pubs, and bars. Also ranked as World’s second most innovative city, it offers international students the best scholarships and universities.  

Here are some more reasons why you should consider London as your travel city: 

Breathtaking historical places and views: 

London is undoubtedly the holder of many known beautiful places. Let’s name some of these iconic places: 

  • The British Museum 
  • Tower of London 
  • Tower Bridge 
  • Royal Botanic Gardens 
  • The London Eye: Millennium Wheel 
  • The National Gallery 

These are some of the places. If I began to write them all in one article, that would take a lot of my pages.  

London was founded in 43 AD and has held on to the charm ever since. And this charm makes it even more special and explorable than any other city in the World.  

The Royalty: 

The first thing that comes to mind when we say ‘England’ is the Royal Family. London is all drowned in royal history and pageantry.  

Places like Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, and the Royal Mews are true attractions and beauties that must be visited while traveling to London.  

Very few cities in the World have the royal legacy and the opportunity to see and adventure the kingdom at such an accessible level. 


The food in London is no match to any other. It is as diverse as its culture.  

It is, without any doubt, a paradise for people who keep a heart for food. 

From the street market to all the high-paid restaurants, the food is of exceptional quality and taste. Where British food often gets a bad rep, London might change how you look at iconic British dishes.  

Some of the worth-visiting restaurants in London include: 

  • Sketch 
  • Le Gavroche 
  • Gordon Ramsay 
  • The Araki 
  • Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester.  

And some of the popular dishes include: 

  • The Glamburger  
  • Kobe beef isiyaki  
  • Caterpillar soup 
  • Caviar omelet 
  • White Truffle Pizza 
  • Wagyu Rib Eye 

Some of London’s worth-eating street foods are: 

  • Raclette  
  • Hot cross bun macaron ice-cream sandwiches 
  • Rib meat roll 
  • Katsu Wrap 
  • Bacon and Maple syrup brownie 

Besides this, London is also very well known for its deserts and afternoon teas. 

The Language and cultural house

Over 300 plus languages are spoken in London. There is no place more diverse than this holy city.  

A large portion of London is consumed by different nationalities, making it a roundabout number of 8.7 million residents. And all of them practice their traditions and use their native languages for communication, which proves that you can easily find someone to communicate with in your native language if you’re on a trip to London. 

Shades of Green – London, the Urban Forest 

If you’re in London, staying away from the crowds and loud horns won’t be a big thing.  

No matter which part of the city you’re in, you’ll always find a park or garden to relax from the busy city schedule, find peace and recharge your batteries in its beautiful nature.  

Not only is 47% of the city covered in parklands, but the city has 8 million trees. And some are from years back which brings more aesthetic-ness to them. The city is full of shades of green it won’t be wrong to call London an urban forest. Because it has more green spaces than any place in the World could have.  


Some of the greener parks of London Include: 

  • Regent’s Park 
  • Hampstead Heath 
  • Hyde Park 
  • Richmond Park 
  • Queen’s Park 

London truly is the best place to travel. 

London is drowned in history and adored by its residents and those from overseas.  

If you’re ready to visit London, reading the above article, make your list of reasons why it would be your preferred traveling Europe City.

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