Top New Year’s Eve Events in Kansas City – Complete Guide!

New Year is just around the corner, and it’s finally time to decide and start planning where to spend it!

If you’re looking to spend it somewhere with the best parties, live concerts, countdown champagnes, events, and all the exciting things to do, Kansas City has some good news!

It’s up to you if you’re looking to spend it partying early in the day, dance on the dancefloor all night long, or even if you’re looking for a hardcore evening fae Ball; Kansas City has got it all.

new year's eve events in kansas city

New Year’s Eve Events in Kansas City:

Kansas City has it all for you, from Fireworks to rooftop parties, midnight cruises, and amazing dinners. 

New Year’s Eve in Kansas City will make you fall in absolute love with the city, reflecting everything that the future holds for you.

Here’s every event that you need to know about this New Year’s Eve in Kansas City:

1. New Year’s Eve at the Howl Moon Kansas City:

Located in the Power & Light District, Howl at the Moon offers huge packages for The Big New Year’s Eve Night. 

Tickets start from $80 per person. 

The event is the best to be in on the New Year. It has everything you need to kiss 2022 a big Goodbye and start the coming year having a total blast.

2. New Year’s Eve Celebration with Luck 20 at Aztec Shawnee Theater:

Start 8:00 PM, 31st December 2022.

Tickets start from $45 per person.

Luck 20 is Kansas City’s jazz-fusion group. It has two trombones, bass, saxophone, piano, guitar, and drums. Their unique spin on classic jazz is exceptional. They’re even available on Spotify. 

As midnight approaches, your countdown complimentary champagne glass will be poured full in anticipation of the ball drop. Whatever year it is, the party will make you fall in love with its gestures. 

3. New Year’s Eve Bar Crawl:

Starts at 5 PM, 31st December 2022

Tickets start from $24.99 per person.

This event is the best way to kiss 2022 the warmest goodbye. 

You can always bring your friends or family to the event. It has a collection of all outstanding and special drinks that will make your big night even more special with their colors and taste. And in addition to all these drinks, it has also gotten Live performances for you. 

4. New Year’s Eve at JBD- Ringing in 2023:

Starts at 9 PM, 31st December 2022.

Tickets range between $70 – $2500, according to the packages. 

Standard Package – $70 package has all inclusively Wells and Domestics and a complimentary champagne toast

Premier Package – $100 package has all inclusively Premiums and Imports and a complimentary champagne toast.

5. Danse Macabre- New Year’s Eve Masquerade of the Dead:

Starts at 6 PM, 31s December 2022.

Tickets range between $46 – $1,666, according to the options.

Dance with the dead this special year!

Leave all your old experiences at the land of the living when you enter the spectral spectacle, the Danse Macabre, a Ball specially designed to be the way, hosted by Johnnie, Black Rose, and Apparition Spookeasy.

Get your tickets AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, because the tickets are disappearing with alarming notions. 

6. New Year’s Eve Gala:

Starts at 7 PM, 31st December 2022.

Tickets start from $125 per person. 

Hosted by D Barker. 

The Gala has everything cool needed to ring awesomely in the new year. Live DJ, professional cameras and pictures, performances by the great singers and performers, everything needed to make the night even bigger and more special.

Live performances from Urban Mystic, Kim Keys, and C Note will make it more memorable.

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7. New Year’s Eve at the Levee:

Starts at 9 PM, 31st December 2022.

Tickets range between $70 – $100, according to their different packages. 

Standard Package – $70 package includes the well and the domestics. 

Premier Package – $100 package includes all the Premiums and Imports

Tickets include drink packages and cover entry. 

8. New Year’s Eve at the Bird:

Starts at 7:30 PM, 31st December 2022.

Tickets start from $20 per person. 

The bird comedy theater includes the following acts from the past years; The La Ronde, The Fourth Nathans, Pulse, Jamie Campbell, and more!

The package also includes a champagne toast, counting down to the new year.

An amazing event to go to with family and friends. 

9. New Year’s Eve- Let’s go Dancing:

Starts at 7 PM, 1st January 2023.

Tickets start from $30 per person or $40 from the door. 

The New Year’s Eve 2023, let’s go dancing with Domensha, Jeffery B, and R.A.S. The celebs are back with their “DanceAroundAndFindOut’ New Year’s Eve revival only at the MOD art gallery. Also, the event offers a complimentary champagne toast with a ball dropping at midnight. 

10. Enchanted Princess Ball – Kansas City

Tickets start from $15 – $25.

Everyone’s welcome to the great Enchanted Princess Ball.

A magical day and fun for the whole family, hosted by Dream Parties. The event is an amazing opportunity to meet all your favorite princesses. 

All stage performances, dancing, pictures with your fantasy princess, and many more magical opportunities and moments. 

The event plans multiple Princess sessions for everyone to attend. So remember to book your tickets soon so that you can experience the amazing New Year event.  

Bringing it to an end – Happy New Year!

New Year is the basic, happy time of the year, the time no one wants to spend sitting on their couches in their home. 

Kansas city has famously been synonymous with jazz, and many events offering the big night party have live jazz performances. Making the night more vibrant and fueling. 

From balls to magical events, champagne toasts to all the special drinks, from dancing to Live performances, Kansas City has got it all for you. Ultimately, all that matters is the fun, the memories, and the beautiful moments spent with family, friends, or your loved one. So, remember to stay safe with all the enjoyment, and have an amazing year ahead. 

Happy New Year!

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