8 Cant-Miss New Year’s Eve Events in Pensacola

The time we have been waiting for is nearly upon us, and it is worth saying that after a long and hardy 2022, we all deserve an amazing new year with all its celebrations. Do not worry because we have found one of the best places to spend your time leisurely with friends and family with little expenditure. 

Pensacola holds all wonderful events, such as the Countdown Gala, Bourj Year’s Eve, the Drift, Mega Car Show, Knight of Vibes, and much more. We assure you that you will make one of the best memories if you spend time in Pensacola to enjoy all festivities, parties, and galas. 

Let’s see what makes it so wonderful by looking at the best new year’s eve events in Pensacola.

8 Cant-Miss New Year’s Eve Events in Pensacola

Fireworks Display at Pensacola Beach

Pensacola Beachchamber is holding a colorful and majestic fireworks display on new year’s eve near the Pensacola beach boardwalk overlooking the Santa Rosa Sound. It will surely amaze all staring at the sparking midnight sky, presenting a colorful exhibition.

Venue: Pensacola beach

Time: Midnight December 31

Tickets: Free 

Bouj Years Eve

This event is being held at an open bar along with several themed bars between fixed timings across the complex. This occasion is held annually and welcomes the general public and the VIP. It includes:

  • Open bar
  • Tattoos of all types
  • Bull riding
  • Drag shows
  • One-night-only cocktail menus
  • Fanny packs
  • Special beer tornado
  • Late-night tacos from Tacos Mexicanos and much more.

Every person allowed to enter enjoys these luxuries. The VIP enjoy it and other facilities such as early admission and all-night stay in private rooms, an early amount of Scuba Steves, and much more.

Venue: Perfect Plain, 50 East Graden Street, Pensacola

Time: December 31, 9:30 p.m. to January 1, 1:00 a.m.

Tickets: General admission: $129, VIP $179

Seville Quarter’s New Year Festivities

Seville quarter’s management arranges the midnight celebrations, champagne toast, parties, all-night music system, and live-featured entertainment shows. You can also purchase the membership card, general or VIP, from Seville Wine and Gift Shoppe, which can be deemed till December 30. Regular members may bring one free visitor, whereas VIPs are allowed to bring two.

Venue: Seville Quater, 130-E, Government Street, Pensacola

Time: Starting from 7 p.m. December 31 till late at night on January 1

Tickets: Free, $80 for regular membership package per person, $400 for VIP membership 

package per person 

A Knight of Vibes

This grand celebration includes the Emerald Coast Vibe and a Knight of Fine Dining, making a sumptuous and magnific Knight of Vibes. It includes heart-touching songs, an entry in the raffle prizes provided by the tickets (VIP get two entries) and given by prize vendors, special tasty food, and much more.

Venue: Waterview at Brooks Street 203, Southeast Fort Walton Beach, Pensacola, United States.

Time: December 31, 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. January 1

Tickets:  $50 – $100 

Mega Car Show and Birthday Bash 2023

Get ready for the 2nd annual motor car, sports car, trucks, and audio show on the oceanfront. On that fabulous day, 3 million worth of cars will float across the waterfront exhibition held at Blue Wahoos stadium at the community maritime park to ensure you have a merry time. You will come across delicious BBQ, the hunger-inducing aroma of plates o,f seafood, and vendors with a lot more to offer you.

Venue: Blue Wahoos Stadium, 352 West Cedar Street, Pensacola, United States. 

Time: Saturday, December 31, from 10:00 in the morning to 7:00 p.m.

Tickets: $25 – $250 

The Countdown Gala

One of the greatest events in the history of celebrating the new year is the countdown gala consisting of attractive shows, music parties, special meals, and menus with much more celebrations to look forward to on the Gulf Coast. Get your dresses ready for this formal wear festival, or you may wear the Harlem Night’s Attire for the function. So get your tickets and be ready for fun!

Venue: Hadji Temple 800, West 9 Mile Road, Pensacola.

Time: 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 31, to 1:00 a.m. Sunday, January 1

Tickets: $ 35 – $1000 

The Meme Gala

It is time to enjoy music, photos, memes, and favorite outfits leaving all the worries behind. Artful Jodye Joe hosts this event with a music system controlled by KluSlim to make these beautiful moments a nostalgic memory. 

This gala promises ‘eclectic elegance’ by incorporating and bringing internet memes in harmony with various styles of music. Hence, fulfill your wish of dressing as your most liked meme template or in a classical outfit, and feel free for a photoshoot provided in the backdrop.

Various shows and soulful play dramas such as Faithe, Grandfather, and Mvtha Cvla will be presented on stage with rock legends like Feed Lemon, Wild Charge, and Funk Kings, with their bands promising a rolling night full of music and frolicking. Musical acts, projection-mapped artworks, and live painting will also be held. 

So buy your tickets and get ready to rock and roll!

Venue: Frank Marston American Legion Post 33, 1401 West Intendencia Street, Pensacola.

Time: Starts at 8:00 p.m. December 31

Tickets: $20 for a single person, $30 for a couple

Calvert’s New Year’s Eve Bash 2022

Spending time on Scenic Highway this new year, you will experience a special midnight champagne toast and breakfast buffet from 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. You may also hang out and enjoy the dance tunes of DJ Roger Martinez Junior and see the midnight firework display on Pensacola beach. Hence, you can say goodbye to 2022 beautifully and memorably.

Venue: Calvert’s in the Heights, 670 Scenic Highway, Pensacola.

Time: From 8:00 in the afternoon on Saturday, December 31, to 1:00 a.m. January 1

Tickets: $10 for general admission, $50 includes a three-course dinner. 

Let’s Wrap Up

To spend your upcoming precious time among amusement-promising functions, dance and music parties, galas, special food, beer and champagne, car shows, photoshoot, and colorful displays of fireworks adding spark to the night sky as well as your life, you will surely want to spend the holidays in Pensacola. 

You need not fret or take a single worry about its worth because these festivities will surely be grand and splendid. Just book your tickets and get ready for fun and pleasure. 

Please leave your remarks or queries in the comment section. 

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