A Night to Remember: Pikes Peak Fireworks New Years Celebrations 2024

As the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, gazing up at the colorful burst of fireworks over Pikes Peak is an amazing way to celebrate the start of a new year.

If you want to experience the wonder and excitement of the Pikes Peak Fireworks New Years show, here are some prime spots to catch the action:

Pikes Peak Fireworks New Years

North Cheyenne Cañon Park – Pikes Peak Fireworks New Years

Escape the city crowds and head to North Cheyenne Cañon Park right at the foot of the peak.

Views from Helen Hunt Falls are stunning, as fireworks reflect off the cascading water.

Or spread out a blanket near the Lower Columbine trailhead parking for an immersive mountain backdrop. Bring a headlamp to safely navigate after dark.

Dress warmly as temperatures drop!

Pro Tip: Arrive well before sunset to secure a parking spot in the Lower Columbine lot. The park gets closed to vehicles once capacity is reached.

Barr Trailhead Parking – Close Proximity

For super close proximity, the Barr Trailhead parking area is the prime viewing spot. At over 9,000 feet elevation, you’ll be directly under the fireworks with unmatched front-row seats.

Walk a short distance up the trail for unobstructed mountain views. Just be prepared to handle winter weather conditions on the exposed switchbacks!

Pro Tip: A stocked thermos of hot chocolate or cider will keep your crew fueled against the chilly mountain air. Hunker down in cozy layers and don’t forget hand warmers!

South Slope Recreation Area – Family Fun Zone

Near the South Slope Recreation Area along High Drive is a lower elevation option perfect for families. Kids can play on the playground and open fields while adults enjoy the views. Picnic tables allow for comfy seating. Hot food trucks will be on site!

Pro Tip: Bring glow sticks, sparklers (where permitted), noisemakers, and hats for the kids to celebrate the moment in flashy style! Count down loudly together for the full NYE experience.

Rock Ledge Ranch – Glimpses from Below

For seeing fireworks from below, Rock Ledge Ranch’s open historic areas offer beautiful views backdropped by 19th century homes and barns.

Gaze upward as bursts of color crown the peak above in Pikes Peak Fireworks New Years. The muted noise is calmer for little ones.

Pro Tip: Take a romantic hayrack ride at Rock Ledge before finding a quiet bench or picnic spot to snuggle for the show. Bring a blanket to spread out under the cottonwood trees.

Garden of the Gods Park – Majestic Red Rocks Panorama

Post up on the west side of Garden of the Gods Park near the visitor center for panoramic views of fireworks above the majestic red rock formations.

For a more intimate experience, follow the Perkins Central Garden trail to cozy nooks.

Pro Tip: Set up a portable hammock along the ridge before crowds arrive and sleep under the stars after the show ends! Don’t forget to make reservations first.

Stratton Open Space – Laidback & Secluded

Escape the fanfare by watching from the peaceful hills of Stratton Open Space. Though farther from town, the views across grassy foothills dotted with boulders are surreal.

Find an empty hilltop or meadow all to yourself or with just friends at Pikes Peak Fireworks New Years. The distance mutes noise for a relaxed experience. Also check 9 Must-Attend New Years Eve Events Salt Lake City

Pro Tip: Scout out the perfect hillside ahead of time when sunlight is best for photography.

Return later all set up to enjoy the isolation and natural splendor.

Manitou Springs – Quaint and Picturesque

For a quaint setting surrounded by local charm, head to downtown Manitou Springs.

This historic town at the base of Pikes Peak boasts beautiful views along the main street and near city hall. Grab an early dinner at one of the hip local eateries to fuel up for the night ahead.

The vibrant flags and banners lining the streets create a festive NYE ambience.

As the fireworks begin, the light bursts over the old-timey buildings and streetlamps make for magical photos. Find a spot in the median or on a bench along Manitou Avenue to soak in the show.

Pro Tip: Get creative with your camera settings and angles shooting the fireworks above the charming storefronts and clocktower!

Use slow shutter speeds to get artsy motion blurs.

Austin Bluffs Open Space – Sweeping City Views

Another off-the-beaten path option is Austin Bluffs Open Space near Peterson Air Force Base.

The higher elevation provides excellent views over Colorado Springs as fireworks illuminate the skyline. Also read 8 Places to Watch Bellevue Fireworks New Years Eve

Drive into the main parking area off Research Parkway.

From there, embark on the short hike up to the grassy fields atop the bluffs.

Be rewarded with Pikes Peak in one direction and the city lights below in another for a stunning 360 perspective.

Pro Tip: Dress for the weather and bring flashlights – the trail gets dark! A little pre-show adventure makes the view even more rewarding.

Wrapping up

Wherever you choose to watch Pikes Peak Fireworks New Years, gazing upward as shimmers of light dance across the night sky is sure to ignite feelings of joy and possibilities.

Here’s to an incredible New Year under the stars in beautiful Colorado Springs!

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