Top 15 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts For Daughters 

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Daughters: As Valentine’s Day is coming near, everyone is lost in buying gifts. Choosing a gift for someone you care about can be quite hard sometimes. Buying a gift for your partner is usually a simple task. 

There are some common things that you can opt for your partner, including flowers, jewelry, chocolates, and perfumes. But buying a gift for your daughter can be confusing because you have to be extra thoughtful. 

Parents know that their daughters are looking forward to Valentine’s Day gifts. So, they have no choice but to choose the best for their girls. For your ease, we found the 15 best products you can give your daughter as a Valentine’s Day present.

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Daughters – Overview Of The List 

Product Price Description 
Valentine’s Day Sweatshirt $30A cute Valentine’s Day-themed sweatshirt 
Danielle Crossbody Bag $55A crossbody bag that is available in different colors and designs 
MAC Secret Lip Set $68Lip Set containing matte lipstick, liquid lipstick, and prime lip
Valentine’s Day Tackle Box $30A colorful box full of candies
Faux Fur Heart Pillow $49.5A heart-shaped pillow is best for cuddling 
Haven Heart Ring Set $60Set of three cute heart rings 
Mulberry Silk Scrunchies $23.98Set of three scrunchies made of pure silk
Love Journal And Notebook $14.99A hot pink journal that can also work as a notebook
Faux Fur Bucket Hat $16.99Cute bucket hat that goes well with any costume 
Mini Heart Waffle Maker $9.99A mini waffle maker that makes heart-shaped waffles
Love Shack Heart Purse $99A heart-shaped purse that is best for teenage girls
Expandable Wire Bangle $19.99Expandable wire bangle with a “daughter” charm
Chunky Knit Blanket $58.9A cute knit blanket to keep your daughter warm
Hoya Heart $68A heart-shaped cactus that is adorable and not prickly 
Japanese Snack Box Subscription $46A box filled with Japanese snacks, candies, and teas

Our Best Picks 

  1. Mini Heart Waffle Maker – (Best For Budget)

The mini heart waffle maker is the most inexpensive product on our list. It is an affordable and useful product. 

  1. Mulberry Silk Scrunchies – (Best Overall)

Silk scrunchies are the best way to keep your hair tied and keep them from damage at the same time. Scrunchies can never fail to make a girl happy.

  1. Expandable Wire Bangle – (Best Theme Gift)

On Valentine’s Day, there wouldn’t be a better gift for your daughter than this expandable bangle with a charm on which the word “daughter” is engraved.

15 Unique Gifts For Your Daughter 

We compiled a list of the 15 best budget-friendly products that your daughter will love. Now, it’s up to you to choose the suitable one according to your daughter’s liking.

Valentine’s Day Sweatshirt 

Girls love sweatshirts because they feel much more comfortable wearing them. We found you the best sweatshirt that will match the mood of the day and will be a perfect gift. It is a cute sweatshirt and is available in different colors. You can buy this shirt for $30 on Etsy.

Danielle Crossbody Bag 

Crossbody bags are loved by any girl, regardless of her aesthetic. If your girl likes to dress up, wait no more to buy this bag. 

The bag is available at LeSportsac for only $55. When you open the site, you will find a wide range of crossbody bags at the same price in different colors and designs.

MAC Secret Lip Set 

Do you want to make your girl more confident? Buy her this MAC lip set. The set includes:

  • Prep + Prime Lip
  • Matte lipstick
  • Powder kiss liquid lipstick 

The lip set is best for doing makeup on any occasion. The shades of the products are just heavenly, and your daughter will love this set. The set is available on Nordstrom for only $68.

Valentine’s Day Tackle Box 

Well, no one hates candies. From fifteen to fifty years old, no one can resist candies. Candies and sweets are the best way to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Buy this colorful Valentine’s Day Variety Tackle Box with different kinds of sweets. 

This box has all you need, including cotton candy sour belts, triple gummy hearts, milk chocolate hearts, Valentine candy corn, chocolate-covered marshmallows, cherry heart juju, and much more. Buy the box at Dylan’s Candy Bar for $30.

Faux Fur Heart Pillow 

These cozy teddy faux fur heart pillows are the best gift for your teenage daughter. The color and the shape of the pillows fit right with the theme of Valentine’s Day. These pillows are the best way to release the stress of all day, cuddle, and have a cozy night’s sleep. You can buy these pillows for $49.5 at Pottery Barn.

Haven Heart Ring Set 

This colorful set of rings comes with three heart rings. Your daughter will love these cute and simple rings even if she is not a fashionista. Your girl can wear these rings as a stack or gift the two to her besties. Kendra Scott offers this set of rings for $60.

Mulberry Silk Scrunchies 

Scrunchies are one of the best products you can give any girl. Scrunchies as a gift can always go right. The Mulberry Silk Scrunchies from Vénera are made of 100% pure mulberry silk. Scrunchies protect the hair to a maximum extent and allow a good sleep. 

These scrunchies are best for any type of hair, even thin hair. Buy the set of three silk scrunchies on Amazon for $23.98. 

Love Journal And Notebook 

Ecolo Dyna Lee’s love journal or notebook with a magnetic heart flap is one of the other things that are perfect for expressing your love to your girl. If your daughter loves journaling, there will be nothing better than this for Valentine’s Day. 

The notebook consists of acid-free 256 pages of 5.5 x 7-inch size. The notebook is available in three different colors, but hot pink (From the heart) matches the vibe of Valentine’s Day. The notebook is available on Amazon for $14.99. 

Faux Fur Bucket Hat  

You will not regret buying this warm, cozy winter bucket hat for your daughter. Bucket hats are popular among girls, and your daughter will love them. 

It is one of the #1 Best Sellers on Daraz and costs $16.99. The hat is available in different colors and designs, and the plus point is that it is made of animal-friendly leather. 

Mini Heart Waffle Maker 

Being a girl, I know that girls instantly fall in love when they see something cute that is mini too. Just like that, this mini heart waffle maker is the unique gift one can ever get. 

Your daughter can make quick snacks with this waffle maker and get excited whenever she sees a perfect heart waffle. This cute and mini but still handy product is available for only $9.99 on Amazon.

Love Shack Heart Purse 

It is one of the cutest things I have ever seen. It is one adorable bag with a classic pattern and enough space to fit all the necessary items. This heart-shaped purse will go very well with the occasion of Valentine’s Day. You can buy this love shack Heart Purse from Kate Spade for $99.

Expandable Wire Bangle 

This wire bangle is a classic piece of jewelry with many meaningful charms. One of its charms has the word “daughter” engraved on it. 

This bangle will be the best pick to show affection to your daughter. This bangle from Alex And Ani is available at Amazon for $19.99. 

Chunky Knit Blanket 

This Chunky knit blanket is best for your daughter. It is a lightweight yet warm blanket that will help your daughter stay warm in the winter. 

She can carry it along with her everywhere. She will think of you whenever she is wrapped in this blanket. The blanket size is 50″ x 60″, which means it is big enough for her bed or sofa. Its price on Amazon is $58.9. 

Hoya Heart 

The Hoya Kerrii plant is commonly called the Hoya heart because of its shape. This small plant measures two or three inches and will stay in the shape of a heart for years. 

It is very easy to take care of this plant. Keep it in direct or indirect sunlight and water after 2-3 weeks. The Hoya heart only costs $68. 

Japanese Snack Box Subscription 

No one hates snacks. If your daughter is a foodie and likes to try different flavors, buy her this Japanese Snack Box Subscription for three months or longer. This box contains different snacks, handmade candies, and teas. Buy it from Bokksu for $46.

Factors To Consider While Buying Valentine’s Day Gifts 

Here are some things you should remember while choosing a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your daughter.

  • Make sure to buy a gift according to the style and preference of your daughter. 
  • Check the reviews of the products before buying them. 
  • Buy a meaningful thing that stays with your daughter as long as possible so your daughter thinks of you every time she looks at it.
  • Buy from a trusted site and ensure the products are genuine.
  • Try to choose a gift while keeping your budget in mind.


Is it weird for a father to give his daughter a gift for Valentine’s Day? 

No! It is not weird at all. Father giving a present to her daughter on Valentine’s Day expresses how much he loves and cares for her daughter. 

What gifts do girls like to get on Valentine’s Day? 

Scrunchies, flowers, chocolates, jewelry, cakes, and plants are the best things to give a girl. A girl instantly falls in love when she sees these things.

What are the best gifts for a daughter?

Personalized chocolates, water bottles, cakes, greeting cards, kitchen accessories, and fashion accessories are the best gifts for your daughter.

Do parents give Valentine’s Gifts? 

Some people celebrate Valentine’s Day with their children by giving them different gifts. While others continue thinking about whether it is allowed. Parents don’t need permission to give something to their children. It is a way of expressing love to their children.


Gifting your daughters on Valentine’s Day is not strange at all. It is a way to show how much you care for your daughters. But buying an appropriate gift can be confusing. That’s why we made a list of 15 unique gifts that your daughter will love.  

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