Best Places to Spend New Years Eve in California

No wonder California is one of the popular choices of people when it comes to celebrating the big night of New Year’s Eve vacation. California’s dynamic coastal cities, its snow-topped mountains, and its gorgeous mountains, everything adds to the reason why it is the best place to spend your New Year this season. 

California, the best place for NYE:

We all know how 31st December feels so lost if spent at home. And no one, absolutely no one, wants it to go that way. 

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in California can be a true blasting experience. Its wild parties, absolutely dazzling fireworks, and a lot of fine dining will totally blow your mind and boredom off. 

So, let’s see  and discuss some Best Places to spend your New Year’s Eve:

1. San Francisco

Choose the bustling and dazzling city as the base of your New Year vacation celebration. You can go to Market Street for the mindblowing fireworks show, to the Ferry building for the annual New Year’s Eve fireworks display, or even ring in the new year with an amazing bonfire by Ocean Beach. Best way to toast the new year. 

The San Francisco Commodore, Belle, and also some cruise ships offer New Year’s Eve’s wild celebration. Whatever you choose would be a great option as long as it’s California. 

2. Los Angeles

best places to spend new years eve in california

Los Angeles is flooded with places to celebrate this New Year’s Eve in full swing. 

Doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a VIP Hollywood party or want a late-night party jam at one of the beaches in Santa Monica; Los Angeles has it all. 

The city also has a Grand New Year’s Eve party at the Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles, which includes a light cast show on the Downtown Towering buildings. 

Another favorite-fun New Year’s Eve celebration spot is the Famous Rose Parade

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3. Sacramento

If you want to spend your New Year culturally this season, then the city of Sacramento is the best option you have. 

The city is the first choice of most families for New Year’s Eve celebration to enjoy the Skeptical Sky Scraper and the annual gorgeous fireworks display at the Old Sacramento. The city also flashes at its visitors with its pixie ball drop and the cultural dance. 

Suppose your hunger for Traditional celebration isn’t over yet; you can go to Stoney’s Rockin’ Rodeo to enjoy the annual bash, have a spectacular New Year’s Eve dinner, dance, and enjoy the ball drop with the last champagne toast of the year. 

4. San Diego

The city is ripped with pub crawls and party corners. The best to celebrate your New Year’s Eve!

Want to ring in the new year fancy? How does hopping on a yacht party sound? San Diego is the best place to spend your New Year this season.

A unique New Year’s Eve event is the Time Wrap Party. The event will take you back in time with its themed sets. 

The city is also popular romantically. The best option if you’re ringing in the new year with your loved one. Some popular places for fine dining are Oceanside and La Jolla.

5. Temecula

What about celebrating the New Year in wine country? Doesn’t it sound perfect? Yes, It does!

The famous family-oriented event in the Town Square offers live music and performances, beautiful face paintings, ice skating, and many more traditional activities that you will absolutely adore. The most fun part is the traditional countdown and the giant grape drop. 

You can also find concerts and galas at many corners of the area, the famous Round Bar at the Pechanga Resort, and parties are always at the top in casinos which you will find many in Temecula.

6. Lake Tahoe

Spend your snowy New Year’s Eve this season at the snowy Lake Tahoe. 

Celebrating your New Year’s Eve in the charming mountains also lets you enjoy the final moments of the Snowglobe Music Festival at the fancy Lake Tahoe cruise. 

Enjoy New Year’s Eve by snowboarding at the famous world-class ski resorts: Kirkwood Ski Resort, Heavenly Ski Resort, and Squaw Valley Ski Resort. 

7. Santa Barbara

Choosing to celebrate your New Year’s Eve in Santa Barbara is an elegant way of celebrating the event. 

The New Year party at the Crowne Plaza Ventura Beach is the popular party of the town where you bring back the old aesthetics and memories by dressing up as an 80s or 90s-inspired person. 

Some famous places to must-visit Santa Barbara this New Year’s Eve include The Santa Barbara Zoo, The Old Mission Santa Barbara, Arroyo burro beach, and dinner at Bouchon. 

8. Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake is the best spot to enjoy New Year’s Eve.

The lake’s Torchlight Parade is a must-go-to event this New Year. Trust me; the experience is phenomenal and breathtaking.

Other famous events include the 1920’s mysterious-themed party, Wyatt’s family-oriented convention, and The Times Square at the Pines. 

9. Long Beach

The Beach City is famous for its New Year’s Eve celebration at the Waterfront, covered with dazzling fireworks all over the ocean and the sky. 

You can visit the city with family, friends or even your special one. It has to offer so much to everyone in every way. You can celebrate the special night by enjoying the balloon artists, face paintings, ice creams, and all the other family and friends-oriented activities leading up to the big night countdown. 

The night can be made more admirable by enjoying your year’s last dinner at the Brix or other amazing restaurants. Or you can also choose from thousands of parties hosted along the Beach hotel lounges, pubs, and clubs. 

Let’s Wrap it up!

California, undoubtedly, is considered one of the most heavenly and beautiful places in the world. Adding to that, New Year’s Eve celebration in the state is an exceptional experience, with no arguments. Thousands of parties to attend, majestic fireworks to experience, flawlessly tasting champagne to drink, and a lot of hugs and kisses to share would definitely make your last day of the year wonderful. 

Stay safe, and enjoy the happiest New Year this season in California. Gracias. 

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