Things to Do in Los Angeles on New Year’s Eve

The most anticipated evening of the year is just arriving in a month, and you all must be enthusiastically waiting for this eve. Yeah, it’s the most awaited new year’s eve. Being a resident of Los Angeles, you must have a lot of plans for this special event. 

So, let’s highlight some top things to do in Los Angeles on Year’s Eve

Knott Berry Farm

It is a vast and thrilling theme park that is more likely to be a wonderland on new year’s eve. Living in Los Angeles and not visiting this amusement center on new year’s eve cannot happen.

This place is open for the people till late 1 am so they can enjoy and capture the best moments of their life on this special night. You can say an exceptional goodbye to your last hours by taking an electrifying ride like Hang Time Coaster at Knott Berry Farm. Be ready to kick off your year with amazing fireworks and welcome the new year with warm resolutions.

Moon Light New Year’s Eve Party Cruise 2023

For the newlyweds, it will be a great time to book your luxurious yacht at Marina del Rey and witness one of the best new year’s Eves together because you are a resident of Los Angeles.

Make your resolutions of togetherness on this eve and catch dynamic jiffies in your minds and devices to live in these moments for eternity. Hurry up and book your tickets before anyone to witness these sparkling fireworks over a moonlit ocean.

Universal Studio Hollywood

Universal Studio Hollywood is one of the most stunning locations in Los Angeles where you can endorse one of the best New year’s eve. Not just for one reason but for many, it is listed among the top places as an adrenaline rush can be experienced by taking exciting rides, attractions, and displays during the daytime.

Furthermore, as the new year arrives, the studio transforms into an awe-inspiring party with the tempering of music, colossal fireworks, and dancing. You will not regret it for a second if you avail of this opportunity to relive your new year’s eve.

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Disneyland Resort

What may be the best place to end your new year’s eve? Yes, it’s a visit to Disneyland resort in Los Angeles. Winding up your day with adrenaline-rushing rides, you can warmly welcome the new year with extravagant fireworks that can be the icing on the cake.

You will let your vacations extend once you enter Disneyland for new year celebrations. It offers several Disneyland Festivals like Christmas parades, New Year’s décor, and eye-opening performances completed with thousands of wonderful light works.

So, book your tickets today for this enchanted event at a magical place to make your eve more magical.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks on the Long Beach Waterfront

To cherish all the moments of new year’s eve, you can choose a spot in downtown Long Beach to capture these alluring firework shows alongside the waterfront.

Like Shoreline Bank, you can witness the midnight festival and parties anywhere near the shore. The amazing thing is that you can also enjoy dinner and buffets at a local business nearby the beach. It can be one of the best family spots on new year’s eve.

LA Zoo Light

LA Zoo Light is a cultural event celebrated at Christmas, but it is also homes to the new year’s eve Los Angeles excretion. The zoo authorities throw a big new year’s eve party for the people and family to make it more memorable and to make the event more like a fairy tale.

The surreal glow and sparkles from the countless lights in the zoo and the light animals add to the location’s beauty. So, be a guest there on this long-awaited evening and enjoy the live broadcasts of the Times Square Ball drop, buffets, dancing brewing, and much more.

Aquarium of the Pacific

Why not celebrate this new year’s eve with the aquatic creatures? The aquarium of the Pacific, located in Los Angeles, is setting up one of the most anticipated underwater sea parties where you can enjoy your new year’s eve and night with your marine buddies. The location is open for visitors for some extended time so people can make new memories with their new friends at this spectacular event.

You can get dressed in any attire and get ready to ring the new year’s first night with a confetti countdown and a complete photo booth. You can visit the place between 8 pm and 1 am, and if you are a regular aquarium member, grab your tickets for low prices and make your kids enjoy some adorable moments.

Marina del Rey New Year’s Eve

If you want to save money and enjoy new year’s eve, take your family to Marina del Rey’s Burton Chace Park and say a warm-hearted goodbye to the old year under the glorious fire and light works near the sea.

You can also participate in the glow party from 7 pm to 12 am. You can capture the fireworks twice. Once at 8:59 pm and the second at 11:59 pm when it is almost time to kick off the former year and welcome the new year.

The Best NYE Los Angeles Eats

No new year party is complete without an appealing food party. Book one of the best spots in Los Angeles where you can please your appetite. Many restaurants offer special menus, buffets, and multiple Prix fixe meals to celebrate this night.


No matter what happens, if you reside in Los Angeles, then you need to one of these locations to say an exceptional cheerio to your old year and embrace the early moments of the new year by making resolutions and capturing the moments with your friends and family. 

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