Is Ulta Open on New Years Day 2024? The Answer You Need

The new year is approaching, and you must be excited too. 

To boost your excitement this new year, pay a visit to Ulta Beauty salon, enhance your beauty, and give your hair, face, and body a final touchup. 

You must be thinking, is Ulta open on new year’s day? 

Surprisingly, the answer is a big Yes. 

Ulta ensures the contentment of its customer; hence, it is opened for 365 days a year. 

Be ready to beautify yourself in the new year and get your booking done at Ulta.

What are Ulta’s Opening and Closing Hours on New Year’s Day?

AS Ulta renders its services the whole year, but on special events and holidays, it reduces its timing to provide ease to the workers. The Majority of Ulta stores closes early on days like New Year, Easter, and thanksgiving day. 

The shortened new year’s day timings are 10 am to 6 pm. However, there are possibilities that the stores in prime locations are open at their regular hours. You can confirm the timings from the store nearest to you.

What are Ulta’s General Opening and Closing Hours?

Generally, the opening and closing timings of Ulta beauty store are written below:

• From Monday to Saturday, the timing is 10 am to 9 pm 

• However, Sunday hours are abridged a bit from 11 am to 6 pm.


Does Ulta also Sell Beauty Products?

If Ulta is considered a salon so legitimately, they should have hired, at any rate, 1 authentic and licensed cosmetologist. Hence, showing professionalism, Ulta Salon also retails original skincare and salon products.

So, it is a legalised retail outlet. The beauty salon sells every type of beauty product at reasonable prices.

How to get discounts?

Discounts are everything a customer looks for. Ulta also gives discounts to its customers. The visitors who first-time visit the salon get an offer to avail 25% discount, excluding hair extensions.

But if you are an employee of the beauty store, you are officially given a 25% discount on every product in the store. That’s how Ulta regards its employees.

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To Conclude

This new year spends time in the Ulta beauty store and enjoys the time of your life. Also, get your friends some new year’s gifts from the salon. But be sure to visit the place within its time. 

You are welcome to add your comments in the feedback section.

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