Is Goodwill Open On New Year’s day 2024? Best Answer is here

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Is Goodwill open on new year’s day?

Yes, It will be Open.

The slogan for Goodwill is the power of work. Hence, when they believed so much in hard work, how would they keep their stores and donation centers closed on new year’s day?

Goodwill will always welcome its customers warm-heartedly, even when everyone is on holiday enjoying their life to the fullest. You can come to the stores and buy anything you want.

However, the stores will shorten their timings to give their employees relief and let them reboot themselves.

What are the Opening and Closing Hours of Goodwill?

As stated above, the store timings will be reduced, so if you want to purchase any product from the store, you must go there within the time frame.

The stores will open at 9 am and are predicted to close at 6 pm, which is only two hours earlier than the regular times.

So the workers can take their hours off to enjoy new year’s eve.

The customers are expected to check out the timings of the store according to the locations as they may vary.


Is Goodwill open on New Year’s Eve?

No, all the stores will remain closed after 6 pm so the workers can enjoy the glorious eves with their families and friends. 

What are the Regular Timings of the store?

Apart from the special events, the store regularly opens at 9 am and operates till 8 pm from Monday to Saturday.

On Sunday, the employees are relieved as the stores are open at 10 am and shutdowns at 6 pm.

Does Goodwill Offer any Special Deals on New year?

Yes, many Goodwill stores offer magnificent deals on the new year, which can enlighten the customer’s mood. Also, there are special offers on various products.

Does Goodwill offer any Discounts?

Special discounts are waiting for the customers this new year as it’s a big day for everyone. If you have a Goodwill coupon, you can consume the discounts. However, the store also puts discounts on random days of the week like

  • Every Monday and Sunday, there is a weekly color tag sale in which you can get up to 50% off on the labeled color tags.
  • Senior citizens above the age of 55 are given a tribute on Tuesday as they can avail of 10% discounts on any product.
  • Military personnel can enjoy 10% off daily by showing their military IDs.

The students can show their ID cards and get a 10 % discount every Thursday.

Final words

Goodwill is where you can enjoy shopping even on New Year and get many special deals and offers. So, trace your nearest Goodwill store now and enjoy endless discounts now.

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