Is Publix Open on New Year’s Day?

Publix is a versatile store where you can buy anything. From medicines to food-related stuff, you can easily get whatever you want. So the question here is

Is Publix Open on New Year’s Day?

YES, it will be open on new year’s day.

Regarding the topic, Publix never compromises on customer service and keeps its stores open even on new year’s day.

If you need a paracetamol tablet to finish your headaches or a hot chicken dip to give last touch ups to your new year’s dinner, run to the nearest Publix pharmacy and food store to save yourself.

You can stalk your last-minute favourite brews and beverages to anticipate your new year’s celebrations with your friends and family.

What are Publix’s Opening and Closing Timings on New Year’s Day?

There are more than 1300 Publix stores across the USA, and the store’s timings are divided according to the divisions in which the stores lie.

The unique holiday hours of the stores are announced on the websites and the store so it can be convenient for the customers.

The store operates at 7 am and closes its services till 7 pm or a bit later, which is two hours earlier than the fixed times. The regular time of the supermarket is from 7 am to 9 pm.


Is Publix open in Florida on new year’s day?

As stated above, Publix hypermarket does not compromise on its services even on New Year’s day. However, it reduces timing to let its workers enjoy the eve with their loved ones.

The closing timings may vary a little because of the division in which the store lies, yet, the opening timings remain the same, that is, 7 am.

Does Publix offer any discounts on New Year?

Special promotions and discounts are offered on many products in the new year as a gift of the new year. Also, a grand sale is put on several products. Hence, you can buy things at lower prices.

Does Publix offer any Coupons?

Yes, Publix offers its customers a special coupon flyer through which you can purchase deals and items at specially reduced prices. These coupons are valid until a specific period. The store will not accept expired coupons.

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Ending words 

Publix food and pharmacy can be a great supermarket to be visited on new year’s day if you desire to enjoy special deals, offers, discounts, and coupons. Enjoy your new year’s shopping at Publix and save money to buy more things.

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