New Year’s Message 2024 from Thomas Bach, President of the IOC

Today, the head of the Olympic group, Thomas Bach, Shared a new year message to all Olympic friends. He talked about the exciting times coming up. There’s going to be a special Olympics for young athletes in Gangwon. This Olympics will carry on the good work from the Winter Games in PyeongChang in 2018.

Then, Bach talked about the big Olympic Games in Paris later in the year. He said these Games are going to be different. They’ll have more young people, include everyone, and care about the environment. Also, it’s the first time that men and women will have the same opportunities in the Games. That’s a big deal!

Bach understood that the world is feeling tired and upset because of fights and unfriendliness. He thought everyone wants something that brings us together. He believes the Paris Games can do that by showing how people from all over the world can come together and play sports happily.

He was happy that lots of people from different countries agreed about supporting the Paris Games. But he also said it’s a big job for everyone involved. They need to work together and not let politics get in the way of sports.

After the Paris Games, Bach said the Olympic group wants to keep making the world better using sports. They want to teach good values and help with important things like health, education, and making the Earth healthier.

Bach also talked about technology like computers and video games. He said they might have some new video games as part of the Olympics, which got lots of people excited. He also talked about how smart computers can help athletes and make watching sports better for fans. But he said they have to be careful because technology can also have problems.

To finish, Bach said he believes in the Olympic community. He thinks that by being together and working hard, they can make things better. He said the Olympic Games remind us to be our best, work hard, and help each other. That’s why he says, “Faster, Higher, Stronger – Together.”

See His Full Message Here

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