Sharjah in UAE has banned New Year’s Eve celebrations in solidarity with Gaza

Sharjah, a part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has decided to stand in support of the people of Gaza by prohibiting any New Year’s Eve fireworks and celebrations. This decision came from the Sharjah Police on December 26, urging everyone in the city to follow these rules. The aim is to express genuine solidarity and cooperation with the people in Gaza, as mentioned in the police statement.

Sharjah is the third-largest emirate in the UAE, following Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The UAE consists of seven emirates. Usually, New Year’s Eve celebrations in the UAE, especially in Sharjah, involve fireworks, attracting tourists who want to spend their year-end holidays in the area. However, due to the ongoing conflict, various live events and concerts in the Emirates have been canceled or postponed since October. For instance, the debut performance of American singer-songwriter Khalid, slated for October 27 at Dubai’s Coca-Cola Arena, had to be canceled.

In a similar vein, the Tanweer Sacred Hearts Festival scheduled for November 24 to 26 in Sharjah faced cancellation for the same reason. The UAE established diplomatic ties with Israel in 2020 following the Abraham Accords. Throughout the ongoing conflict, the UAE has consistently called for a humanitarian ceasefire from Israel. Simultaneously, it has condemned both the terrorist attacks by Hamas and the Israeli forces’ bombardment.

There’s a concern in the UAE about potential regional consequences if the Israel-Hamas conflict persists into the new year. Noura Al Kaabi, a minister of state at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, emphasized the need to de-escalate tensions in the region amidst the ongoing efforts to halt the war.

Despite the UAE’s efforts, Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have been resolute in their stance. Netanyahu made it clear that they intend to continue the fight until they achieve their objectives: the elimination of Hamas, the release of hostages, and the cessation of threats from Gaza.

Israel has also communicated its desire for a buffer zone in the Gaza Strip once the conflict with Hamas concludes. It informed several Arab states, including Egypt, Jordan, and the UAE, about this intention.

In summary, Sharjah’s decision to forgo New Year’s Eve celebrations is part of a broader context involving regional tensions, diplomatic efforts, and the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

Source: Wionews

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