The Golden Globe Awards Get a Major Makeover — Here’s What Happened

In the past, Golden Globes winners were chosen by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA). This was an exclusive club of international journalists based in Los Angeles. But over the years, they have faced lots of criticism and controversy over things like lack of diversity in their small membership.

So, in 2022, the HFPA agreed to hand over the Golden Globes to a new company. This company then brought in hundreds of well-known film critics from all around the world to become Global Globes voters instead of just the HFPA.

Many of these new voters come from FIPRESCI, a federation of movie critic groups. So now there’s a really wide range of people helping decide who wins Golden Globes, not just the old HFPA.

New Voters, New Results

Bringing in all these established film critics from everywhere definitely shook things up this year!

Some unusual Golden Globes awards went to smaller international films rather than just big Hollywood blockbusters. Anatomy of a Fall, a French drama, not only won Best Foreign Film but also Best Screenplay. And a Japanese animated movie called The Boy and the Heron beat Spider-Man for Best Animated Feature.

In the past, the HFPA members were sometimes accused of being celebrity “groupies” who just wanted photos with the A-list stars. But this year’s winners included non-famous actors like Paul Giamatti and supporting actress Da’Vine Joy Randolph for their show The Holdovers. They are not household names but are well-respected in the industry.

Meanwhile, hit movies Barbie and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse went home empty-handed. And rising young actors who could’ve won, like May December’s Charles Melton, did not get awarded as some expected.

So it feels like impressing critics mattered more than star power this time.

What About the Oscars?

The revamped Golden Globes 2023 voting panel looks very different now from the Academy Awards judges. So, Globe winners don’t automatically have an Oscar advantage. 

Lots of films like Past Lives or May December lost at the Golden Globes but could still earn Oscar attention. Even if an actor like Top Gun’s Glen Powell missed out on a Globe, he’s still in the running for a Best Supporting Actor Academy nomination.

But Robert Downey Jr.’s funny, humble speech accepting Best Supporting Actor for playing a scientist in Oppenheimer probably impressed many future Oscar voters watching in the room and on TV. So that win keeps momentum on his side as Oscar voting kicks off.

What Were the Biggest Moments?

A few emotional acceptance speeches stood out at the Golden Globes. Indigenous actress Lily Gladstone emphasized the historical importance of her Best Actress win for Killers of the Flower Moon.

Paul Giamatti dedicated his Best Actor trophy to underappreciated teachers everywhere. Share The Holdovers if you think teachers deserve more respect!

And comedy Barbarian star Austin Butler gagging on stage got big laughs!

In the end, major changes behind the scenes led to a very different-looking group of Golden Globe winners. More international more diverse, with critics rewarded over celebrities in many categories. Less scandal and more quality seems to be the new Globes motto. 

We’ll see if it lasts!

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