Where To Go In 2024? 25 Best Holiday Destinations

Do you know last year, international travel bounced back to around 90% of what it was before COVID, with the US giving out more passports than ever?

If you went anywhere popular over the summer, you’d definitely think those destinations felt even more crowded and busy than before the pandemic!

Let’s take you to the 25 best holiday destinations in 2024:

25 Best Holiday Destinations 2024

According to TripAdvisor, here are the world’s and US hot spots to visit this year.

10 World’s Best Holiday DestinationsHot Destinations US.
1.  Alajuela, Costa Rica1.  Kanab, Utah
2.  Bogota, Colombia2.  Portland, Oregon
3. Halong Bay, Vietnam3. Marathon, Florida
4. Palawan Island, Philippines4. Brooklyn, New York
5. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia5.  Homer, Alaska
6. Seoul, South Korea6. West Yellowstone, Montana
7. Pattaya, Thailand7. Provincetown, Massachusetts
8. Tokyo, Japan8. Eureka Springs, Arkansas
9. Phnom Penh, Cambodia9. St. Petersburg, Florida
10.  Sapa, Vietnam10.  Napa, California

American States ranking:

RankDestinationTourist (2023)Tourist (2022)2022 to 2023)2021 to 2022
1United States79.3 million79.7 millionDecrease 0.6Increase 3.3
2Mexico45.0 million41.3 millionIncrease 9.0Increase 5.1
3Canada22.1 million21.1 millionIncrease 4.8Increase 1.2
4Argentina7.4 million6.9 millionIncrease 6.6Increase 3.4
5Dominican Republic6.4 million6.6 millionDecrease 1.9Increase 6.2
6Brazil6.4 million6.6 millionDecrease 4.1Increase 0.5
7Peru5.2 million5.3 millionDecrease 1.1Increase 9.6
8Chile4.5 million5.7 millionDecrease 21.1Decrease 11.3
9Cuba4.3 million4.7 millionDecrease 9.0Increase 2.0
10Colombia4.2 million4.0 millionIncrease 3.4Increase 10.7

1.      The Kimberley, Australia

There’s a bunch of new tourist stuff happening in Broome, a coastal town that’s like the gateway to the Kimberley region.

Paying respect to the pearling history there, Salty Plum Social opened up a cool new Pearling Master’s Trek tour that had its first walk in 2023 and will start doing regular tours each month beginning in April 2024.

Some big tour companies also teamed up to launch an Aboriginal Culture Expedition, a four-night tour letting people take part in legit First Nations experiences on the iconic Cable Beach and Roebuck Bay.

The first 2024 tour kicks off in May.

Pro tip: Chill out with one of the tasty craft beers made with native ingredients at Spinifex Brewery Cable Beach, a brand new brewery opened up by part-Aboriginal owners.

And getting to Broome and the Kimberley will be easier with Nexus Airlines adding the first Broome-Kununurra-Darwin flight route, with more flights coming in 2024, too.

This will join the routes already flown by Airnorth to make the incredible Kimberley region more accessible.

2.      Courchevel, France

Courchevel is basically the superstar ski resort of the entire French Alps.

Out of its four villages, Courchevel 1850 is the highest up, biggest, and glitziest, attracting people with its Michelin-star restaurants, ultra-swanky chalets and hotels, and posh aprés ski scene.

But it also has a ton of awesome snowy slopes for all skill levels, both on and off-piste, with a long season and 230 snow cannons to make sure there’s always good snow.

It’s great for pro and beginner skiers, so it is a good option for the February half-term break.

Families might prefer the slightly less flashy vibe of 1650, though.

3.      Kobe, Japan

Sandwiched between steep mountains and sparkling seas in southwestern Japan, the port city of Kobe is seriously upping its design game lately.

The new hotspot is Vague Kobe, a trendy creative space designed by Teruhiro Yanagihara Studio.

Taking over the upper floors of a cool 1930s former bank building, Vague Kobe houses an art gallery, bookstore, cafe, wine bar, flower shop, and design studio all in one spot.

More proof of Kobe’s growing design rep was the new store opening in mid-2023 by Officine Universelle Buly, a fancy French perfume and skincare brand.

Their shop and cafe have a super flashy interior with elements inspired by Kobe beef, chocolate-coloured lacquerware, and unique dripping lamps.

And Trunk, arguably Tokyo’s hippest hotel group, recently announced plans to open their first hotel outside Tokyo in Kobe, showing this city’s prominence.

4.      Cotswolds, United Kingdom

There’s nothing better than imagining yourself all cozy in the Cotswolds to make a British winter appealing.

But don’t think the Cotswolds is old-fashioned!

Hip crowds and Michelin-star chefs have opened sleek organic restaurants and shops right next to the usual antique stores and tea rooms.

The best part? Prices and bookings are way easier in the off-season winter months. Even though it looks straight out of history, the Cotswolds mixes modern style with traditional charm.

5.      Madagascar

The remote Indian Ocean island of Madagascar seems like another planet, full of crazy new species and natural wonders that are sure to blow your mind.

If you’re adventurous, check out the Blue Lagoon Expedition trip starting in 2024 at the Masoala Forest Lodge.

For those looking for luxury, Miavana Island Resort launched new adventures in 2024, like kiteboarding lessons and quad biking through funky baobab forests.

Get ready to mix adrenaline adventures like kayaking with total relaxation at an exclusive resort. This remote island offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences and sights you won’t find anywhere else on Earth!

6.      Tainan, Taiwan

The southern Taiwan city of Tainan is getting major buzz as it celebrates its 400th birthday in 2024.

Over the last couple of years, it has become even more popular than the capital Taipei!

What makes Tainan so awesome? It’s considered Taiwan’s street food capital, with famous beef soups and omelets.

There are also totally crazy natural places like Tsao Shan Moon World, pretty sunsets over salt farms, colorful ancient temples, and modern museums.

In 2023, it made Booking.com’s top 10 list for sustainable tourism spots.

7.      Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

In 2024, it’ll be 50 years since the scary shark movie Jaws freaked out anyone going swimming!

To celebrate, take a tour of Martha’s Vineyard, where they filmed the classic in 1974.

Beyond checking out locations from the movie, explore this gorgeous New England island, like the crazy colorful clay cliffs at Aquinnah that seem to change shades.

Chill at Offshore Ale Company for yummy fish and chips, or ride the vintage 147-year-old carousel, the oldest in the US.

The best part is visiting in spring or fall when there’s mild weather and none of the crazy summer crowds. Even decades later, Jaws totally transformed this island into the ultimate place for both movie history and natural beauty.

Just watch out for any sharks lurking along the beaches!

8.      Paris, France

Paris seems like the obvious pick for a romantic February getaway.

But tons of people avoid it because of chilly weather and crowds, which is a huge mistake!

Anyone who really knows France knows the locals actually take off in summer, shutting down restaurants and ignoring tourists. Instead, visit in winter when everything is open, fewer people are around, and you can easily get reservations at cheaper rates.

The best stuff in Paris is inside anyway – cozy little bistros with candles, cool art museums with amazing echoes, and trendy boho-style bars.

One hot area is South Pigalle, where the best table is at Bouillon Pigalle. Yes, the line is crazy long but worth it – their awesome 3-course meals with drinks cost less than €25, unheard of for top Paris restaurants!

Don’t be scared off by winter – embrace the cold and Parisians’ chill vibe.

9.      Mauritius

The tropical island of Mauritius used to be known for its fancy hotels and famous visitors like Princess Stéphanie back in the 1980s.

But now, 30 years later, Mauritius has way more cool things going on!

In the capital city, Port Louis, they just opened the Intercontinental Slavery Museum inside an old 1700s building.

The museum teaches about the island’s history of colonialism and slavery.

Nearby is the brand new House of Digital Art or HODA.

This modern art museum is inside a historic building and has awesome interactive exhibits with lasers, lights and VR!

10.  Trans Dinarica Cycle Route, Balkans

Get ready for the super cool new Trans Dinarica bike trail opening in 2024!

It’s the first cycling route connecting all eight countries in the Western Balkans region.

The 2,485-mile path has 100 different stages for riders of all skill levels.

You can pedal through amazing scenery like Croatia and Albania’s beaches, Kosovo’s national parks, Montenegro’s huge mountains, and forests and rivers in Slovenia, Bosnia, North Macedonia and Serbia.

Sign up at Transdinarica to get updates on the route maps, where to stay, and other services for riders.

11.  Lamu, Kenya

Getting lost in the village of Shela on Kenya’s Lamu Island is just part of the fun!

Shela has no cars – only sandy, winding alleys wide enough for people and donkeys.

Even after visiting, you’ll still manage to get turned around in the maze of streets.

But that’s okay because Shela is tiny, so you’ll want to spot some landmarks like a purple bougainvillea bush, carved door, or mosque with the off-key call to prayer.

Those clues will help you find your way again.

Wandering the alleys without a plan lets you stumble on cool surprises like street art, fruit stands, and treehouse cafes.

12.  Orkhon Valley, Mongolia

Pack your hiking boots and get ready for an awesome outdoor adventure in Mongolia’s Orkhon Valley!

This area has epic scenery like lush forests, raging waterfalls, and rolling grasslands.

You can meet nomads who live in traditional German tents and still follow the ways of their ancestors.

There are also ancient Buddhist temples and monasteries to explore, which tell the history of Mongolia through statues and paintings.

One highlight is seeing the massive Orkhon Waterfall, which is one of the country’s top natural wonders.

You can ride horses, hike mountain trails, and breathe fresh air while camping under the stars. The Orkhon Valley lets you escape everyday life and reconnect with nature.

If you love the outdoors, add this lush green paradise to your travel bucket list!

13.  Bahamas

Trade snow for sun this February and hit the Bahamas’ bright white beaches before spring break crowds arrive!

Once holiday travelers leave in January, you’ll find empty stretches of soft pink and white sand. The 18th-century streets smell like lovely frangipani flowers, too.

Enjoy the laidback island lifestyle with a barefoot stroll on Pink Sands, a long lazy lunch on Harbour Island, or a diving lesson in the clear blue water.

Grab a fruity mojito and your favorite book, and relax!

No rush when you’ve got a beach chair waiting. Ditch the slush and chill in the Bahamas this February!

14.  Mongolia

This is one of the best holiday destinations. Mongolia is quickly becoming an amazing destination for adventure!

Brand new luxury lodges like Yeruu are popping up to explore the vast, rugged landscape. There are also cool cultural tours by guides like Breanna Wilson, letting you meet nomads and learn ancient traditions.

In 2024, Mongolia will get its first direct flight from the US to the new $650 million Chinggis Khaan Airport.

With comfy new lodges, epic outdoor activities, and better access, now is the time to visit Mongolia and see its beautiful natural scenery and rich cultural heritage!

This off-the-beaten-path gem is getting easier to reach. Don’t miss out on the travel opportunity of a lifetime!

15.  Culebra, Puerto Rico

If you love beach getaways, check out the small island of Culebra off the coast of Puerto Rico!

It’s only 20 miles from busy San Juan, but it feels totally remote.

Culebra is all about chilling out in nature. Hit up Flamenco Beach to swim and snorkel in the gentle waves of its curved bay. There’s also a cool old graffiti-covered tank left behind by the US military that makes an awesome photo backdrop.

With not much going on besides outdoor adventure, Culebra lets you recharge and unwind.

Next time you’re in Puerto Rico and need an escape from the hectic city, take a quick trip to this little island paradise!

16.  Bhutan

Landing in the remote Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan feels like entering a real-life fairy tale! Bhutan is the last Buddhist kingdom and not easy to get to.

But that’s what makes arriving so magical.

The Paro Airport looks like a temple surrounded by 18,000-foot peaks!

Bhutan only allowed tourism since 1974, so nature and traditions stay protected. With mountains, temples, and kind people in traditional clothes, Bhutan is a one-of-a-kind destination.

Make the journey for a culture and adventure you won’t find anywhere else!

17.  Goa, India

Craving sun, sand, and adventure?

Check out the beaches of Goa, India! According to Forbes, people call Goa the Hawaii of Asia – beautiful tropical vibes at a fraction of the cost.

You’ll find Portuguese history in old churches, amazing seafood curries, and Asia’s biggest floating casino!

With beachy resorts, tasty food, and cool attractions like the naval museum, Goa offers budget-friendly fun for everyone under the Indian sun!

18.  Ibiza, Spain

Forget the clubs – winter is actually the coolest time to visit the Spanish island of Ibiza!

When party crowds leave, you’ll find chill vibes and good deals. Stroll under pink blossoming almond trees or grab tapas at laidback cafes.

Beach bars serve up inexpensive food and drinks, too. Look for Gastrojueves or “Gastro Thursdays”, where restaurants offer half-priced meals.

If you want some excitement, check out Carnival parades in small towns or dance away at a Pacha nightclub after-party.

No summer ravers mean more room to explore cliffs, villages, markets and museums. Ibiza locals enjoy the peaceful winter – now you can too!

19.  Northern Rivers, Australia

Surf’s up in Byron Bay, Australia, for a huge adaptive surfing contest in March 2024!

But first, let’s have a look at the richest countries in tourism:

RankCountryTourism Income USDGDP
5United Kingdom51,211,000,0002.0

Disabled athletes will catch waves at the Australian Pro Adaptive Surfing Championship – the country’s first international disabled surf comp.

If you go, stay at the new ranch-style Copperstone Hotel or Oceanview Il Delfino Inn, which is opening in 2024.

And don’t miss the action as adaptive surfers shred the swell at the championship in Byron Bay!

Cheer on these inspiring athletes pushing limits and defying disabilities out on the water. Between new lodging and the epic surf contest, Byron Bay is the place to be in March 2024!

20.  Angola

Tired of the same old vacation spots? Check out Angola, a southern African country trying to make it big on the tourist scene. They just introduced a super quick online visa to attract visitors.

While Luanda, the capital, might empty your wallet as a hardcore party hub, the countryside rocks sweeping scenery and culture that’ll drop your jaw!

Lubango’s another rad city with old Portuguese buildings, a massive Christ statue peering over a cliff, and Tundavala Gap – a crazy gorge diving from icy highlands into a fiery desert.

Safari rides, raging waterfalls, volcanic caves… Angola’s an undiscovered gem.

So even if the hotels aren’t all five-star yet, grab those e-visas and unleash adventure beyond the typical vacay radar!

21.  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Foodies and art hounds, get pumped for Philly; you’ll forget all other best holiday destinations 2024!

This city crushed the restaurant awards, snagging tons of James Beard prizes like Outstanding Restaurant for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday’s tasty seasonal menu.

Their chef, Nok at Kalaya, also won Best Mid-Atlantic for her mind-blowing Thai dishes.

And you can’t miss Philly’s sweet art scene, either.

Peep the Rodin Museum’s new showcase, Rodin’s Hands, flaunting famous sculptures. The Museum of Art spotlights local photographer pioneers Barbara Crane, Melissa Shook and Carol Taback in their new exhibit, In the Right Place.

Between the sick food and art wins, Philly’s bringing some major heat this year!

22.  Oman

Adventure-seekers, Oman offers awesome 5-star lodgings among this list of best holiday destinations!

Tucked in a cove amid mountains, Six Senses Zighy Bay rocks adobe huts blending desert style and nature.

You’ll rave over sublime cuisine, spa treatments on soft sand, and epic excursions, making lifelong memories.

If that’s not wild enough, check Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar, perched on a cool canyon rim with legit sunrise yoga flow and nights smoking shisha pipes under starry skies.

From casita comfort to canyon glamping, Oman brings off-the-charts design and thrills galore!

Whether sampling killer hummus, surfing untouched waves or trekking to ancient forts, this underrated gem serves views for days.

23.  Quebec, Canada

Canada’s biggest province, Quebec, serves ample opportunities to dive into Indigenous culture from north to south.

You can sip sweet maple brews at a Mohawk-owned brewery near the USA or head way up north for Inuit-guided polar bear spotting!

Nunavik, the Inuit homeland near icy Arctic waters, is just emerging on tourist maps.

Get ready for immersive nature/culture action with Ungava Polar Eco-Tours, an Inuit-run company launching 5-day summer expeditions to deserted Gyrfalcon Islands in 2024.

We’re talking igloo building, ice fishing, and meeting sledgedog teams while scanning the tundra for roaming bears!

For awesome tribal history and frozen vibes, Quebec keeps it chill. 

24.  South Korea

The K-culture craze is back in effect with “Squid Game” returning in 2024!

No need to illegally smuggle yourself into South Korea, though. The government is making travel easy by waiving electronic visas for two dozen countries through 2024.

Part of their Visit Korea Year push to boost tourism.

And boy, does Korea bring it! After roaming supermodern Seoul and coastal Busan, immerse in historical spots like Andong, crowned “Spirit of Korea” for ancient Confucius temples or Gaya Tumuli’s ancient royal tombs, just deemed a UNESCO treasure.

Whether you’re practicing Taekwondo at dawn, rocking neon karaoke all night or slurping noodles at a roadside stall, Korea blends ancient traditions with daring future swag!

25.  Sumba, Indonesia

Surfers and nature nuts, catch a wave to the far-out Indonesian isle of Sumba!

Way less touristy than crowded Bali, an hour away by plane, Sumba keeps it chill with ancient villages, endless beaches and rustic coastal resorts.

Even its world-class surf breaks stay unspoiled! 

You can still discover stone-age-style tribespeople doing mystical rainforest rituals here.

But don’t underestimate this island’s size – Sumba’s over 4,000 square miles, more than twice as mondo as Bali!

Back in 2012, the swanky Nihi Sumba resort first shone the spotlight on high-end travelers here.

A decade later, new jungle lodges like 2022’s Sanubari villas or beachfront Cap Karosokeep things sustainable while showing off Sumba’s natural vibe.

Whether paddling a dugout canoe on glassy waves at sunrise, weaving palm fronds with village kids or spotting wild water buffalo, Sumba brings barefoot eco-luxury far from Bali’s bustling crowds!

Wrapping Up Best Holiday Destinations

And there you have it!

Whether you crave weaving through Seoul’s flashing neon lanes, witnessing Quebec’s frozen north magic or just chillin’ atop an LA hot spot, the world is yours in 2024.

Grab those passes, pack those bags and catch you on the far side! Peace out.

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