Top 15 Best Cities to Visit In The World in 2024 According to New Report

A new study from Euromonitor International said New York City is one of the best cities to visit in the world this year! It came in 8th place out of all the big cities around the world.

Los Angeles in California also made the top 15 list.

15 Best Cities to Visit in the world

The study looked at things like how fun the city is for tourists, how advanced its technology is, how well its economy is doing, and how safe it is. So, New York and LA scored very well overall!

1.      Paris, France

Paris has marked itself number 1 in Euromonitor’s list.

To welcome visitors, Paris is adding cool new hotels and restaurants. Chateau des Fleurs is a fancy new hotel with a 19th-century style and a modern Korean restaurant.

Famous designer Martin Brudnizki just opened two new boutique hotels – Grand Mazarin in the Marais and La Fantaisie in the 9th district.

The owners of trendy Hotel Dame Des Arts recently unveiled their train-themed Hôtel des Grand Voyageurs in Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

Get ready for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris!

From July 26 to August 11, the city will host 329 exciting sporting events. Breakdancing makes its Olympic debut at Place de la Concorde. Beach volleyball courts will surround the Eiffel Tower.

The opening Parade of Nations will sail down the Seine River.

Between the historic sites hosting Olympic events and stylish new lodging, Paris in summer 2024 is the place to be!

The city of lights has lots of excitement in store for lucky visitors.

2.      Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai has never been behind in attracting the world and set itself as No. 2 among the 15 best cities to visit in the world, according to Euromonitor International.

Dubai is known for crazy developments like artificial Palm Jumeirah Island and the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa.

Breaking world records is a hobby here!

Now, Dubai wants to feel smaller with its 2040 Urban Masterplan.

The goal is a “20-minute city” where people can walk or bike to 80% of places in 20 minutes.

New attractions include the futuristic Museum of the Future. Dubai also has over 700 hotel options for easy access. The new Michelin guide features 89 restaurants, with 3 honored for sustainability. From building the biggest and tallest, Dubai keeps innovating.

The 20-minute city plan and new museums will make Dubai feel cooler than ever.

3.      Madrid, Spain

Madrid perfectly mixes history and modern fun. It’s the capital of Spain and home to famous art museums like the Prado and Reina Sofia.

Take a relaxing stroll through the huge Retiro Park. Row a boat on the peaceful lake or have a picnic under ancient trees.

One amazing sight near Madrid is the giant lavender fields in Brihuega. They have over 1,000 hectares of lavender in full bloom!

After enjoying the art and nature, experience Madrid’s lively nightlife. The city comes alive after dark with busy tapas, bars, flamenco shows, and clubs that stay open late.

You’ll fully immerse yourself in Spanish culture, tasting yummy tapas and dancing the night away in this magical city. Madrid has something for everyone with its art, parks, food, and nightlife.

4.      Tokyo, Japan

Japan wants 60 million visitors and $136 billion in tourism money by 2030, and this is gonna be making it one of the best cities to visit. That goal isn’t crazy – Japan had record tourism for 7 years before.

Now, the country can handle even more guests.

The Haneda airport in Tokyo is expanding to allow more international flights. By 2031, a new 18-minute train will connect the airport to downtown Tokyo.

There’s lots of excitement as Japan reopens to worldwide travelers. Tourists will likely spend a lot of time at amazing shopping spots like the newly renovated Miyashita Park.

Tokyo is ranked #1 for restaurants globally.

You can find life-changing ramen here! Plan a whole trip around Japanese food.

If you spend lot on eating, no worries. Tokyo has affordable hotels to book.

Between quick airport access, incredible shopping, and tasty ramen noodles, Tokyo is ready to welcome back globe-trotting visitors. It’s the best place in the world for an affordable foodie vacation!

5.      Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam ranks #5 for livability because people care about each other, and Euromonitor recognized that position.

For example, the mayor helped homeless migrants during the refugee crisis.

To keep the city livable, cruise ships were banned from the center. This improves air quality.

Tours focus on the city’s history and livability. They take tourists from the central canals out to amazing museums and shopping. Amsterdam has over 100 museums, including the famous Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum.

With flights from most U.S. cities, Amsterdam is easy to reach. Its beautiful canals and world-class museums make it a popular European destination. Amsterdam also leads in sustainable tourism.

One hotel company turned old bridge houses into unique hotel rooms. By 2030, gas and diesel cars will be banned from the entire city.

Between caring people, historic canals, iconic museums, eco-friendly hotels, and green policies, Amsterdam sets the standard for livable tourism. The city keeps innovating to preserve its culture and charm.

Visitors in the future will get to experience Amsterdam’s livability and beauty thanks to smart plans put in place today.

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6.      Berlin, Germany

Berlin is an artsy, green city that balances modern and historic. It has great public transit and walkable neighborhoods.

Berlin doesn’t feel crowded or rushed like other big cities.

There are tons of parks, lakes, wide sidewalks, and bike lanes to explore. There’s always a concert, art show, or festival happening too.

Make sure to see the top museums like Topography of Terror for 20th-century history. Museum Island has 5 awesome museums together in the city center. The German Historical Museum is right nearby too.

With its chill vibe, outdoor spaces, and mix of new and old, Berlin offers something for everyone. Walk, bike, or take the metro to find murals, museums, markets, and more!

7.      Rome, Italy

Rome is so cool! You need three whole days to see the big stuff. On the first day, my family hit up the Vatican.

You’ll see the awesome Sistine Chapel with Michelangelo’s famous ceiling. Then, you can check out the ancient gladiator stadium called the Colosseum. It’s gigantic! Wander around Palatine Hill, where Roman emperors used to live.

The city has tons of secrets to unlock if you look hard. We bet there are even treasure hunts and mysteries to solve all over ancient Rome if you keep exploring. Pretty wicked place!

8.      New York, United States of America

People wondered if New York City would lose its coolness when folks moved away during COVID.

But NYC still ranks number three in the world for best cities! Tourism there is majorly bouncing back too. NYC welcomed only 33 million peeps in 2021 when things were kinda shut down.

But they expect 61 million visitors in 2023 as things open up. Airports are all jazzed up with sweet new terminals to welcome more travelers again. Over at glitzy LaGuardia, Terminal B has a whopping 35 gates alone—no joke!

Plush hotels like Ritz-Carlton and Thompson are ready for business again, too. Between the bumpin’ atmosphere, sick new airport digs, and fancy hotels, New York is telling everybody that rumors of its demise were bogus!

The Big Apple remains a prime place for fun and excitement.

9.      Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is the ultimate European city to visit.

This Spanish town has fabulous weather all year long and super cool neighborhoods to explore 24/7. Biking rules in Barcelona! 

The city just built over 150 miles of sweet new bike lanes. They have special green pathways called “Eixos Verds”, too. These let bikes, walkers, and cars share streets equally. The green paths have benches and little plazas to chill.

From beaches to parks to funky Gaudí buildings, Barcelona rocks for daytime fun. It’s also got bangin’ nightlife. No matter when you go out, something awesome is happening. The World’s Best Cities report just ranked Barcelona #3 globally for nightlife scenes.

So when the sun sets, Barcelona keeps thrilling on into the night! No matter what you’re into, this European hotspot serves it up morning, noon, and night. ¡Olé!

10.  London, United Kingdom

London is booming louder than ever nowadays, at 10th in the list!

The Tube trains are zipping around at full speed again after COVID. The city just opened a fancy new Elizabeth metro station at Bond Street, too. London stays strong partly because its low business taxes draw in big money.

The sinking pound has been good for tourism as well. It’s made visiting London cheaper for foreign peeps looking to splurge. More millionaires can now check off “own a London mansion” from their bucket lists, too!

Between the bustling trains, fresh attractions, tax breaks, and discounts…London is luring back crowds. The planet’s most fabulous city took a temporary quiet spell but is back as the hype master of Europe! Residents, tourists and businesses can’t resist London’s siren call.

The city’s resilience shows why it holds an eternal place as a top global hotspot.

11.  Singapore, Singapore

Singapore zoomed up to become Asia’s hottest city!

Apart from awesome hotel views, Singapore’s building lots of exciting new places.

Right now, a giant waterfront neighborhood called the “Great Southern Waterfront” with 9,000 homes is being planned by the airport. Singaporeans are also excited about “NS Square.” That’s a massive outdoor sports and concert zone that’s gonna replace Marina Bay’s floating platform.

When it opens, NS Square will rule for hosting big events! Between slick skyscraper pools, new coastal living, and the radical city square…Singapore is surprising everybody. The tiny island keeps getting more gigantic with sweet attractions.

No wonder it entered the world’s top 10 most awesome cities for the first time!

12.  Munich, Germany

Munich rocks a perfect mix of old and new!

Cities in Germany’s Bavaria region have their own style. When visiting Munich, you gotta see Marienplatz Square, Nymphenburg Palace, and the massive English Garden Park. Those hotspots flaunt Munich’s cool buildings and natural beauty.

This town also boasts the world’s best beer gardens! Every fall, they throw Oktoberfest, too – the planet’s biggest beer bash! From history-filled plazas to huge parties, Munich offers traditional Bavarian culture with modern energy.

Nowhere else in Germany blends old and new vibes like Munich. It’s one of a kind!

13.  Milan, Italy

Milan is an awesome Italian city with tons to do, even with just three days!

As soon as you pass through the gigantic old Porta Sempione gate, you gotta ride Milan’s vintage trams. They help you take in all the fancy architecture.

The Milan Cathedral, one of the world’s biggest churches, has the most intricate white stone decoration ever. It makes the whole city look gorgeous!

Milan is so famous for fashion too. Luxury brands like Armani and Prada started here! Their headquarters still line the chic Via Monte Napoleone and Corso Buenos Aires streets, perfect for window shopping.

Next is the 600-year-old Sforza Castle with its intriguing museums about Milan’s past. When you need a breather, Parco Sempione Park offers peaceful green spaces.

Between stunning churches, upscale shopping, and relics of history…Milan blends the best of old and new. Every traveler should visit this Italian hotspot!

14.  Seoul, South Korea

South Korea’s capital, Seoul, transformed super fast!

It bounced back from war damage to become a leading future-tech city. Seoul now welcomes startups, big biz headquarters, and even tons of Michelin-rated eateries. 176 fancy restaurants landed Seoul the #3 city on the planet for fine dining! Between less poverty, booming companies, plus global cuisine…

Seoul raced from rubble to riches in no time. Innovation fuels this East Asian hotspot!

15.  Dublin, Ireland

If you visit Ireland, start or end your trip in Dublin! This Irish city has Dublin Castle, Trinity College, the National Museum, and the awesome Guinness beer factory. You can walk around Dublin’s top spots in a day or two.

Make sure to hit historic The Brazen Head pub, too – it’s Ireland’s oldest watering hole!

Dublin was founded by Vikings way back in the 800s. So it packs over 1,000 years of wild history! Today it blends old and new with its cobblestone roads and sleek tech company offices. Google and Facebook both have campuses amid the charming old buildings.

Dublin also hosts Ireland’s best museums. Check out the National Museum to learn ancient Irish history and lore.

Or check out Kilmainham Jail, where rebels were once locked up. At the Modern Art Museum, you can ponder weird paintings and sculptures.

For more history, don’t miss Trinity College, where famous scholars studied. You can also tour Parliament to learn about Irish laws. Of course, Grafton Street offers awesome shopping and street performers, too!

Wrapping Up 15 Best Cities to Visit in the world

Between castles, colleges, museums and modern sites…the list lets you discover the world’s deep past and high-tech present.

Every traveler should explore these cities to understand what makes them so magical!

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