Ring in 2024 with a Fun New Year Photoshoot Ideas- 13 ideas you must know

Whether it’s just you and your significant other or the entire family getting in on the fun, a New Year’s photo shoot is a great way to document your celebration and hopes for the upcoming year.

From glamorous black-tie affairs to low-key pajama parties, there are so many ways to get creative. Here are some New Year Photoshoot ideas to inspire your 2024 Eve:

New Year Photoshoot Ideas

Celebratory Sparklers – One of the Best New Year Photoshoot Ideas

New Year Photoshoot Ideas

Start your photo shoot while it’s still light outside with some festive sparklers. Have everyone hold a lit sparkler while you snap photos of the sparks flying. 

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For variations, form letters like “2024” by carefully waving the sparklers, light multiple colors, or even try writing names or words in the air. Just be sure to take safety precautions when using sparklers!

Glittery Top Hats and Tiara 

New Year Photoshoot Ideas

Ring in 2024 in style by wearing sequined or glittery top hats and tiaras. 

The shiny accents pair perfectly with a cocktail or formal party look. Have the ladies wear black, gold, or silver tiaras while the men don complimentary top hats. 

Snap individual shots of everyone’s headpieces before gathering for a group photo. 

Eve Formal Affair

New Year Photoshoot Ideas

Host an elegant black-tie optional photo shoot and have everyone get dressed up in their most glamorous gowns, suits, and tuxedos. 

Pop open a bottle of sparkling cider for a toast and snap pictures on your staircase, near the Christmas tree, or wherever you have the most festive holiday decor. 

Capture candid moments of guests laughing, making toasts, and dancing for timeless memories.

Handfuls of Confetti

New Year Photoshoot Ideas

Nothing says “new year” quite like confetti! 

For a bold photo backdrop, hang a large piece of black or white paper or fabric. Have everyone wear black and white outfits to match. As you take each photo, have the subjects grab handfuls of confetti and toss it in the air, capturing the bright explosion of colors and shapes. 

For added variety, try metallic confetti or use a bold accent color like pink or blue. This is no doubt going to be one of the best new year photoshoot ideas.

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Photo Booth 

New Year Photoshoot Ideas

Set up a DIY photo booth using fun props and accessories like glasses and hats, noisemakers, feather boas, and signs or pointers with “Happy NY!” 

Guests can take turns posing in the photo booth for quirky and casual pictures to remember the night. 

Make it a game by giving prizes for the silliest or most creative photos.

Midnight Kiss 

New Year Photoshoot Ideas

If you’re spending the day with a significant other, one romantic photo opp idea is capturing your kiss at midnight! 

Set up your camera on a tripod timer and pose in your party outfits with champagne glasses ready for the countdown to midnight. 

When the clock strikes 12, share a sweet kiss as the camera snaps your first moment together in 2024. 

Lazy Morning Pajamas

For a cozy New Day shoot, have everyone wear their comfiest pajamas or loungewear. 

Take photos relaxing on the couch with mugs of coffee or hot chocolate, snuggling together in bed, playing board games, and just enjoying each other’s company at home.

Capture all the natural smiles and joy.

Polar Bear Plunge

Take the “polar bear plunge” trend to a new level by taking outdoor photos. Head to your local beach or lake for photos frolicking in the cold water or posing on the snowy shore. 

Brave friends and family can wear fun robes or costumes then disrobe for a plunge into the icy waters while someone quickly snaps photos. 

Treat everyone to warm drinks after!

Brunch Spread

New Year Photoshoot Ideas

Host a brunch complete with festive cocktails like mimosas and bloody marys. As you set up the food spread, take photos of the decor, flatlay shots of the dishes, and selfies with friends as they arrive. 

During brunch, candid shots of everyone laughing, enjoying drinks, and filling plates will capture the celebratory spirit. 

Group photos on the patio or in front of blooming flowers are a colorful way to remember the day.

Goals Vision Board

New Year Photoshoot Ideas

Make DIY vision boards using poster board, magazines, markers, glue, and other craft supplies. Have everyone cut out and collect inspirational images, phrases, and words that represent their goals, dreams, and intentions for 2024. 

Assemble the vision boards together and then do a photo shoot of everyone posing with their boards. Not only is this a fun activity, but you’ll get great photos and motivation!

Time Capsule Burying 

For meaningful new year photoshoot ideas, create a 2024-time capsule to open next year. Place items like written goals and predictions, resolutions, family photos, and holiday souvenirs into a container. Bury it outside and take pictures of the process. 

When 2025 comes around, dig up the capsule together and reminisce over the contents. An added bonus is you’ll have the photos to see everyone’s aged appearance!

Pop the Bubbly

New Year Photoshoot Ideas

What better way to ring in than with plenty of bubbles!

Pick up some inexpensive bubble solution and bubble wands. Head outside to pop bottles of bubbly against a bright blue sky. Take pictures blowing bubbles, chasing bubbles, or surrounded by bubbles floating through the air. 

For bonus points, freeze action shots of the bubbles mid-pop or mid-air.

Resolutions Shoot 

Have everyone write their top 3 resolutions on pieces of paper or small signs. Pose with your individual resolutions first, then gather for a group shot. 

Not only will you get great photos for the memory books, but they’ll also serve as a reminder when motivation dips! Feel free to get silly with the poses too.

New Year’s Eve or Day – any excuse for a fun photoshoot with family and friends! Just be creative with your props, outfits, and backdrops. No matter how you choose to capture it, a photo shoot will give you wonderful memories to reflect back on for years to come. 

Your Turn! Preserve Precious Moments from NYE & NYD

As we approach 2024, take some time to appreciate the holiday season and enjoy a festive photoshoot to remember it by. Whether you’re celebrating at home in pajamas or dressing to the nines for a stylish soiree, you can’t go wrong documenting New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. 

Get creative with confetti, champagne, sparklers, resolutions lists, and other great props. 

Most importantly, capture all the smiles, laughs, hugs, and kisses!

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