5 Ways to Make Fail proof New Year Resolutions for 2024

Everyone wants their new year to be better than the one being ended. We want to cover up our weak points and head quickly towards our goals and aims. For that, we make many resolutions regarding wealth, health, fame, studies, etc., but how to make them work out and succeed? 

Read these ways to make fail proof new year’s resolutions and get ready to accomplish in 2024. 

5 Ways to Make Fail proof New Year Resolutions for 2024

Setting SMART Goals

Setting out goals first requires the goals to be realistic and attainable within a given time frame. While making ambitious resolutions, sometimes, we plan out such goals that are practically out of reach.

Instead of getting depressed and stressed, it is better first to figure out your strengths and weakness, study your habits and routine, and come up with such goals in the beginning that you may easily achieve.

When your momentum has been established, your body is physically and mentally active, and your heart is fully set on your goals, you may also set high goals.

While planning goals, smart goals must be kept in mind. Smart people understand and use these qualities of goals while sketching out their plans.

Specific – what you want or require.

Measurable – track it out and keep an account of time spent.

Attainable – can you achieve this within the given period?

Relevant – is it relevant to what you need right now?

Time-based – from and till when will you do it.

Setting positive and achievable goals improves our mental and physical health, sweetens our behavior, mobilizes energy, and enhances personal and professional efforts.

Why Do You Want To Do It?

Behind every achieved goal is a motivation and inspiration that tends us to work harder to attain that aim and satisfy our subconscious.

You need to know why you are setting out that goal and why you must achieve it. It may be due to different reasons. 

  • You may want to please yourself.
  • Prove that you can do it.
  • Make your parents or closest companions happy.
  • Get a good job.
  • Maintain your health, or much more.

Write your motivation or reasons in your diary or on a blank paper page and paste it where you can easily access it.

Occasionally read those motivations, which will fill you with spirit and remove any frustration or tiredness.

Whenever you feel yourself at the breaking point and ready to give up everything, always remember those inspirations that keep you running.

Visualize Plans

Use sticky notes, charts, calendars, mood boards, and reminders that will keep you up-to-date with your next goal to be accomplished.

Split your yearly goal into small steps and parts that ultimately make a full ladder to the highest imagined point. Make monthly, weekly or daily plans. Make mental notes or notions. Write them down so you do not forget them and accomplish them.

Pinpoint your journey throughout the year, make bulletin notes, and paste them everywhere you can find so you won’t forget them.

Remember to keep the schedules and timetables balanced and easy to achieve. Gradually set higher goals with each passing day and award yourselves with every little accomplishment. You may 

  • Watch television
  • Use social media to get a bit more relaxed
  • Whip up an amazing snack
  • Take a bath
  • Call a friend, etc.

You will earn a great boost by doing yourself little favors. Remember your health while doing so, and keep a routine and healthy diet.

Having an Accountability  Partner

Accountability partners include your mentor, guide, teacher, friend, or anyone ready to accompany you on your hard journey. Spend time with people who strengthen you and give support.

Let them navigate your growth throughout your shared time and give advice and reviews. 

Their job will be to keep you in check and stop you from deviating from your path.

Keep a keen eye and avoid spending time with those who sap your energy or bring negativity into your lives.

Using Your Time, Money, and Health Carefully

Time is the thing that runs us all. It is now upon your greatness if you are capable of running it. Time flies and does not come back. So use it carefully and never waste it because it teaches a cruel lesson to those who misjudge its power.

Set specific time-based goals and work hard to achieve them within time. You can avoid wasting time on social media, useless social gatherings, long periods of sleep, or rest. Utilize it carefully, and you will be pleased with the results.

The global economy is unstable, and many people are being hit upon by inflation. You need to take care of your finances; otherwise, you will notice that you brought in unnecessary things instead of the needed ones.

For this, make a budget to keep track of your expenses, income, and expenditure. It will help you avoid unnecessary purchases.

Health is wealth. If you are sick, you won’t be able to do anything properly or follow your schedule. So keep health on top of your priority list. Do not make tough timetables that will overburden you.

Otherwise, you will be attacked by depression. Take a healthy diet, do not work till late at night, keep a regular checkup and stay happy with yourself.

Concluding Thoughts

Setting goals is easy but attaining them is difficult. However, they are possible. With a high spirit, hard work, and determination, you are bound to succeed. Using some little tips and pieces of advice along the way would be of no harm, either. Let nothing detract you, and stay focused.

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