Are Laundromats Open on New Year’s Day 2024?

The most circulated query: Are Laundromats Open on New Year’s Day? No, laundromats will not be open for regular drop-off laundry service on New Year’s Day 2024.

However, many self-serve laundromat locations will remain available for patrons to wash clothes themselves on January 1. 

Are Laundromats Open on New Year’s Day

As a holiday focused on celebration and relaxation with friends and family, New Year’s Day gives laundromat employees a rare day off from the usual bustling pace of cleaning clothes.

But while staffed drop-off service and specialty dry cleaning will be paused for the holiday, a majority of self-service laundromats will keep doors open 24/7 for DIY laundering.

What Laundromat Locations Stay Open on New Year’s Day?

The following locations offer 24-hour automated laundry access for self-service washers and dryers, no employees required:

·         Camp Hill

·         College Plaza

·         Martinsburg 

·         Ranson

·         Salem Avenue 

·         Virginia Avenue

Meanwhile, these additional branches will provide self-service coin laundry equipment daily from 6:00 am-11:00 pm on New Year’s Day 2024:

·         Chambersburg 

·         East Street

·         Front Royal

·         Hillcrest 

·         Willowtree

What Laundromat Services Stay Closed for New Year’s Day 2024?

The following laundromat services plan to close for New Year’s Day 2024:

·         Staff-operated laundry cleaning and folding

·         Professional pressing and dry cleaning

·         Delivery or pick-up services

·         Laundry supply sales (soap, fabric softener)

Patrons should plan to handle their own DIY washing and drying tasks without staff assistance on January 1, 2024.

Expect service operations to resume as normal beginning January 2 once the New Year’s holiday draws to a close.

Are Other Major Holidays Unavailable for Drop-Off Services?

Expect similar drop-off laundry closures for:

·         Thanksgiving Day – November 23, 2024 (Self-service open)

·         Christmas Day – December 25, 2024 (Self-service open)

What are the Standard Laundromat Hours?

Here are the standard operating hours:

·         Open 24 hours (entry via membership card) – Camp Hill, College Plaza, Martinsburg, Ranson, Salem Avenue, Virginia Avenue 

·         6:00 am to 11:00 pm daily – Chambersburg, East Street, Front Royal, Hillcrest, Willowtree

Staffed Drop-Off Service Hours:

·         Monday to Friday: 7 am to 9 pm

·         Saturday: 8 am to 8 pm

·         Sunday: 9 am to 7 pm

Patrons can always double-check the website for updated hours and holiday closures before visiting their local laundromat branch. Expect to resume normal operations the day after New Year’s Day on January 2, 2024.

Will Laundromats Have Special New Year Hours on December 31, 2023?

In the days leading up to the New Year, most laundromats maintain standard operating schedules without any early closures or curfews on December 31.

Both self-serve washers and staffed drop-off services should remain open for usual business on New Year’s Eve.

However, all locations will shutter temporarily on New Year’s Day proper before reopening the next calendar day.

So patrons should take care to complete any laundering before the evening of December 31 to avoid interruption around the January 1st holiday.

Does Extreme Weather Ever Impact Laundromat Availability?

While holidays result in predictable closures, inclement winter weather can also occasionally disrupt laundromat access and hours in January.

Heavy snow or icy roads may prohibit staff and drivers from safely reaching the facilities even if self-service machinery remains functional.

Are Laundromats Open on New Year’s Day – Let’s Wrap it Up.

Barring blizzard conditions, the reliable laundromats plan to return in full force on January 2, 2024, after the brief New Year’s holiday break.

So expect pristine cleaning and exceptional service going forward into the new calendar year ahead.

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