Best places for New Years Eve in Los Angeles 2024

We’re rapidly approaching the end of 2023. It’s that time of year again, when old traditions die out and new ones take their place. You may be looking for the best venues to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles, as the countdown to the New Year continues.

What better way to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles than by taking in a dazzling fireworks show or hitting up some of the city’s most exclusive parties?

 Whether you’re celebrating New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles on your alone, with a date, a group of friends, a family, or a significant other, we’ve got the scoop on all the finest spots to go.  To help you ring in the New Year in style, we have compiled a list of the Best places for New Years Eve in Los Angeles

Five Best Places for New Years Eve in Los Angeles:

Bar Lis Rooftop:

If you are looking for a mesmerizing place to see new year’s Eve, consider this Eve at Bar Lis in Los Angeles. With extreme beautiful and captivating aesthetics in design, the rooftop seamlessly merges indoor and outdoor spaces seeking to capture the style of the French Riviera.

This rooftop bar will feature live music, DJs, and a variety of drinks. Drawing inspiration from classic bistro cuisine, this Bar serves small plates. This Bar provides a beautiful ambience and stunning views from the rooftop, giving you immense pleasure and joy.

The Bar Lis dress code is casual, followed by t-shirts, sweatpants, flip-flops and casual shorts. Due to this Bar’s widespread appeal, tickets are necessary to get a nice spot. Go and purchase tickets online if you want to enjoy this new year’s Eve with some drinks and musics and this will be one of the best places for new years eve in los angeles.

Disneyland Resort:

 You are always young and its never too late  to visit Disneyland. If you are considering making this new year’s Eve the best time of your life, Disneyland Resort is magical. After having the classic theme park ride, experience the magic of Disneyland resort captivated by fascinating top fireworks at midnight.

The Christmas fantasy parade takes place here that is worth watching. The fantasy in the sky is popular here, so plan this ideal location to have a beautiful view of fireworks.

 Just go and purchase tickets from a tipster. Before purchasing a ticket, check park availability. Check out Disney-approved seller Get Away Today; they offer exciting discounts.

Aquarium of the Pacific:

 After spending hours for spectacular New years night dive, visiting the Aquarium of the Pacific is a must. The Aquarium of the Pacific remains open to have mesmerizing views. Celebrate the arrival of the new year immersed in an underwater wonderland, surrounded by a mesmerizing array of marine animals, tropical fish, and an assortment of captivating underwater species.

 Although there is no dress code to visit here, guests are invited to dress up. Melodies never cease as the night unfolds, so prepare yourself for a Dance party and live DJs performances here. Photo booths are available to make your dancing more memorable.

 The fun time here starts at 8:00 pm and lasts till 1:00 am into the new year. One plus point is that if you are an aquarium member, you can get tickets cheaper than admission guests. Head your New Year’s Eve journey towards the mesmerizing world of aquariums.

Universal studios Hollywood

 Universal studios Hollywood is one of the charming places to visit this new years eve. As the new year draws near, this park turns into a colossal party. This party is accompanied by dancing, music, and a fireworks display.

 Enjoy this day with exciting rides, captivating shows, and amazing attractions. The fun doesn’t end when the sun sets. Keep the excitement going into the night.

Join the festivities and celebrate in multiple party areas where you can dance, listen to music, take memorable photos, and be part of a thrilling countdown to midnight with a spectacular fireworks display. Create a New Year’s experience that will stay with you forever.

Avalon Hollywood

Avalon Hollywood is the perfect place for those looking for parties and a vibrant way to leave the past. It would help if you visited here this new year’s Eve to enjoy thrilling performances of DJs.

Dj Mark, famous for electronic dance worldwide, will perform at Avalon Hollywood. Head toward this party if you desire to listen to great music, enjoy great drinks and have a pleasant atmosphere. Tickets can be reserved online.

best places for new years eve in los angeles

Wrap Up:

Cutting in short, Los Angeles, renowned as the dwelling place of Hollywood and its notable celebrities, captivates with its global fame.

The exciting news is that you don’t have to belong to the elite to enjoy a night of festive events on New Year’s Eve in the City of Angels. Regarding New Year’s Eve celebrations, LA unquestionably sets an unmatched standard.

It would help to have a thrilling and memorable experience once you visit all these places.

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