How Argentina Celebrates New Year – Some Great Traditional Insights

Just like everywhere else in the world, every new year in Argentina is also welcomed with great warmth and joy.
Argentina has a few amazing traditions at the turn of the year. Let’s see how Argentina Celebrates New Year.

How Argentina Celebrates New Year 

Here are some of Argentina’s Traditions on New Year.

Paper Snow Fall 

Argentines have a unique tradition of forgetting old things because what is past is past. On the last day of the year, they tear all the old documents and papers and drop them out of the windows around noon.

Paper shreds look like snowfall from high-rise buildings all day long. This custom is a symbol of setting yourself free for the coming year.

Empty suitcase

With Argentines running around with empty suitcases, they hope to attract travelers next year.

Eat beans

Eating beans is said to secure current employment or open new job opportunities in the new year.

Swim into the new year.

Another tradition is to swim in pools, sea or lakes and wash away the old

 These traditions are usually widespread in Buenos Aires, the beautiful capital of Argentina. The country consists of 23 provinces, each with a different kind of tradition. Certain things are family reunions, a shared dinner, and champagne around 12:00 a.m.

The streets 

After dinner, it’s common, especially for young Argentines, to roam the streets looking for a hit spot to dance in the New Year, But you must not forget that December and January are high summer months in Argentina. For this reason, many locals spend the turn of the year on the beach.

Steak fans

Steak fans in particular will get their money’s worth with the typical Argentinian barbecue. Buenos Aires is therefore recommended not only for those who like to party but also for everyone who would like to be surprised by the foodie delights. 


For party-goers, there is an annual street festival at Palermo Hollywood in Buenos Aires. There will be plenty of drinks and hot rhythms from the hip DJs. Of course, there are also fiery parties for dancing and singing in other bars and clubs.

Relaxation and partying: Holiday home in the country or on the coast

If you like a mix of tranquillity and partying, our local experts recommend renting a cottage in the countryside or on the coast.

Suggestions: Pinamar (Coast), Miramar (Coast), Cordoba Hills (Rural), La Pampa (Desert

Here, you can toast the new year with your loved ones or dance into the new year on the beach.

Argentina’s Second-Largest City

If you prefer a live environment, you can go to Cordoba, whose streets become live with DJ performances and live music by noon. Join their local tradition, Quema del Mueco, where they light sculptures on fire, which is a symbol of past years on fire and time to take a fresh start.


You don’t want to miss a fine drop on New Year’s Eve? Then local experts recommend spending the turn of the year in Mendoza. Watch the sun disappear behind the Andes, sip delicious local wine, and eagerly await the colorful fireworks.

The End of the World

Ushuaia, which is known as the end of the world,” is present at the tip of the lowest American continent. You can have a nice picnic or host a new year’s party in a nice restaurant or bar.


How is New Year celebrated in Argentina?

New Year’s Eve in Argentina is a festive and lively occasion celebrated with various customs and traditions. People gather with family and friends to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new one. Fireworks, parties, and special meals are integral parts of the celebrations.

What are the typical New Year’s Eve traditions in Argentina?

Argentina has several unique customs and traditions associated with New Year’s Eve. One popular tradition is the consumption of twelve grapes at midnight, each representing good luck for the twelve months ahead. Additionally, it is customary to wear new, brightly colored underwear to symbolize hope and prosperity for the upcoming year.

Are there any public events or festivities during New Year’s in Argentina?

In Argentina, various cities organize public events and festivities to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Buenos Aires, the capital, hosts a grand celebration at the iconic Obelisco monument, where people gather to enjoy live music, dance performances, and a spectacular fireworks display. Other cities also organize street parties and concerts to welcome the new year.

Are there any traditional foods associated with New Year’s in Argentina?

In Argentina, certain traditional foods are commonly enjoyed on New Year’s Eve. One popular dish is “vitel toné,” which consists of sliced veal served with a creamy sauce made from tuna, anchovies, and capers. Another traditional food is “panettone,” a sweet bread with dried fruits and nuts, often enjoyed as a dessert or snack during the festive season.

Are there any superstitions or beliefs associated with New Year’s in Argentina?

Like many cultures, Argentina has its share of superstitions and beliefs associated with New Year’s Eve. One common belief is that wearing white brings peace and harmony in the new year, while carrying a suitcase or walking around the block with luggage is thought to attract travel and adventure. It is also believed that sweeping the house at midnight helps sweep away negative energy from the past year.

In a Nutshell

In conclusion, Argentina is one of the peaceful places where a new year can be celebrated. If you are here, you can ring the bell of the new year in a completely peaceful environment. Say goodby to the drowning sun with Argentinian Unique Traditions and welcome the new year with a big warm heart and joy.

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