Amazing Things to do in Denver on New Year’s Day 2024

Since you are here, I guess you are coming to Denver for New Year’s Eve. Look what you have signed for.

There are four options here: Joining Denver’s only kind of classic mega events, Going to any normal club, Spending Nights out in the open, or having a fancy Dinner.

Some people also like to stay at home, but you’re not one of them, right? Let’s discuss some best things to do in Denver On New year’s Day for you.

Things to do in Denver on New Year’s Day

So let’s start with 

The free stuff:

One of the coolest things to do for free is ice skating. They are open from 10 a.m. to 11 o’clock at night.

If you have your own skate, it’s free; just come and jump on the ice, but if you want to rent the skate, it’s around 11 bucks for adults and 9 bucks for kids.

 There are so many other cool things happening, and a lot of them are free and family-friendly.

Family Friendly:

The Denver Zoo hosts an event on New Year’s Eve called “Zoo Lights.” Bring your kids and show them 3000+ amazing zoo animals.

The Children’s Museum of Denver also arranges noon New Year’s Eve celebrations so little ones can have their best time, experience the excitement of the day, and reach home before bedtime.

Too many lights

Two fireworks, one at 9 and the other at midnight, illuminate all of the 16th Street Mall, which is a great viewpoint no matter where you are standing. Talking about having kids around, maybe you wanted to go watch an earlier firework show and give them much-needed sleep at night. 

Some TV shows have a new year’s countdown at 9 o’clock. You can run home early and watch the countdown. Put the children to sleep, and then enjoy yourselves.

Free Transportation 

RTD offers free transportation, Free buses, and trains also run across the city from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. to make sure people get home safely. There will be some restrictions near the 16th Street wall during fireworks demonstrations.

The Mile 

The mile-high station also arranges a ball drop-style countdown at Civic Center Park. You can check out the fall-LED tree all lit up. They often have a black-tie party. They also have a black eye party where you can enjoy old-school classic songs. They also have customized photo booths.

Decadence Colorado

The convention center organizes an annual dance festival every year on New Year’s Eve. The center hosts performances by famous DJs and artists, giving every person value for their time.

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Resolution NYE:

Your friends and family favor different events, and you don’t know which one to choose. How about getting one ticket for all and making everyone happy? You can’t go wrong with such an awesome deal.

 Resolution NYE is a hot event that happens every year on New Year’s Eve. They have a rich line-up of artists from different music genres, including hip-hop and electronica. The decorations for the evening are worth watching.

McGregor Square Plaza party and midnight rally

If you want to party without breaking your back, McGregor Square Plaza Party has a photo corner, a wide open bar, and a large LED to watch the ball drop.

 If you want a midnight date, the midnight rally is for you, where you can have a drink with your soulmate while glaring at her at the VIP hotel room terrace.

White rose gala

Is a classical charity event that occurs every year at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House Denver Center for the Performing while you can live in your roaring 20s. Get time-traveled to the era where class was the only thing to stand out.

Wake up your Inner Child

Dress as your favorite cartoon character and compete in a classical cartoon costume competition, or sit down in front of the television and watch the classical cartoons of your choice.

 You can also play unlimited video games. It would be nostalgic. All these events happen at the Broadway Art Hotel.

Regular clubs

Since everyone wants to party that night, Denver’s most popular clubs are packed as hell, but if you do find a spot, enjoy a wide selection of awesome drinks from the exotic bars throughout the night. 

Take a break and watch fireworks light up in the sky from the outdoor or rooftop areas or windows in one of the various lounges.

New Year’s Eve is a great time to give yourself a treat. To clear your heart from all the grudges and guilt of last year, to stop regretting failures because what passed is past, and to adore every achievement.

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