How Cuba celebrates new year? Factual Insights 2024

If someone asks when is the best time to witness Cuban cultural practices at their peak, it’s New Year’s Eve. No matter how you prefer to spend your vacation, Cuba is becoming a paradise. While Cuba is known for the hospitality of its locals, the festive atmosphere means smiles are everywhere. 

But the question here is how Cuba celebrates new year? Let’s answer it

How Cuba celebrates New year?

Without a doubt, Havana is a safe destination for anyone looking to discover Cuba’s nightlife. Here you will find the best music, restaurants, bars, hotels, and other services. But the secret that no one will tell you is that the further away from the capital you are, the better the practice of Cuban culture.

People in the periphery are less affected by mass tourism and thus have managed to preserve their most important traditions. The best thing to do in Cuba on New Year’s Eve

The traditions 

Some people make a doll out of old clothes, which they burn at midnight, leaving the past year’s things behind. Others use a bucket of water from the balcony or the front door to wash away anything bad.

 However, the most famous tradition takes place in Santiago, Cuba. At midnight, residents gather in the town hall square to raise the Cuban flag. If the wind does not move the flag at midnight, it is considered a bad omen for the coming year. This tradition marks the beginning of the celebrations with drinks and typical food.

In the small villages such as Playa Larga, Viales, Jibacoa, San Juan de los Remedios, Baracoa, etc. There are also typical customs, including the lighting of firecrackers, that are worth Watching.

The hotels

Several hotels, e.g., the Copacabana or the Comodoro, the hotels in Varadero, and the Keys of Cuba offer a dinner buffet on New Year’s Eve. These hotels, known for their variety of food and drink, organize musical performances with famous national artists. 

The Hotel Meliá Habana, also to the west of the city, has an excellent New Year’s spot.

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The Plaza Vieja 

 This plaza  in the old square in Old Havana is another important place to celebrate the eve. As there is a gala dinner that is organized with musical bands that make sure every guest has the best possible time.

San Diego

It is the second-largest city in the country, and they host many lively street parties all over the city. If you’re not the guy who likes to be in fancy restaurants wearing all-packed gear, Just get dressed in your cocktail attire and live on the streets of San Diego.

Varadero Beach 

The beach is a famous destination for tourists in Cuba. Many restaurants and resorts host New Year’s parties at night and throw fireworks shows at the beach.

Santa Clara

The city of Santa Clara is the birthplace of the world-famous Comrade Che Guevara. The city is of great historical importance and became live on New Year’s Eve.

January 1st and January 2nd are public holidays.

There are usually huge parties all over Cuba. In Havana, the entire Malecon is closed for three days. Many stages around the city host popular dance music concerts, and food stalls are everywhere.

Recommended bars and clubs for the Eve

Here are some Recommended bars and clubs if you are celebrating your new year’s Eve at Cuba

Pacha Habana Bar

Club 1830

Eclectic Restaurant

Restaurant Fangio Habana

Malcom 663


Are there any public events or festivities during New Year’s in Cuba?

Cuba hosts several public events and festivities to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Havana, the capital city, organizes lively street parties with music, dancing, and performances by local artists.

The Malecón, a famous seaside promenade, becomes a hub of celebration as people gather to enjoy the festivities and watch the spectacular fireworks display.

Are there any traditional foods associated with New Year’s in Cuba?

In Cuba, certain traditional foods are commonly enjoyed during New Year’s festivities. One popular dish is “lechón asado,” a roasted pig that is marinated with various spices and cooked until tender.

It is often the centerpiece of family feasts. Another traditional food is “arroz con gandules,” a flavorful rice dish prepared with pigeon peas and other seasonings.

Are there any specific customs or beliefs associated with New Year’s in Cuba?

Cuba has its share of customs and beliefs linked to New Year’s Eve. Some Cubans believe that wearing yellow underwear on New Year’s Eve brings good luck and prosperity for the upcoming year.

It is also common for Cubans to make wishes and throw a handful of rice outside the front door at midnight, symbolizing abundance and prosperity.

Let’s Close The Book

New Year’s Eve is a great event that can be celebrated in the peaceful atmosphere of Cuba with friendly locals. You can just run away from the pace of the city and enjoy your cocktail at the beach. Forgetting the losses you suffered last year and setting some goals for the year yet to come

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