How to say happy new year in Spanish? Best Spanish Quotes 2024

Spanish is by far the most beautiful and romantic language, and it goes perfectly with a happy new year! Most people wish all their friends and family a happy new year. This applies to Spanish speakers as well! Therefore, there are plenty of ways to express your joy for the upcoming year by using Spanish phrases.

In this article, we will see how to say happy new year in Spanish and share some unique wishes for our Spanish audience.

So stay tuned and keep reading.

How to Say Happy New Year in Spanish

When it comes to New Year celebrations, we are sure one thing in common we celebrate the new year, but the way of celebrating is different. We celebrate it in different ways as per our customs and tradition. 

When it comes to Spanish people, they have a very special way of celebrating this auspicious event. In Spain, Argentina, Mexico, and Chile, many people speak Spanish, and you will easily find them in any metro city. 

On this auspicious occasion of the new year, when you go for new year wishes, there is no other language like Spanish when you wish anyone through the internet or your mobile phone.

So here is how to say Happy new year in Spanish and some amazing happy new year wishes in Spanish.


in english


in spanish

Happy new year wishes in Spanish.

1. I hope that the new year brings you nothing but joy and success.

Espero que el nuevo año no les traiga más que alegría y éxito.

2. Wishing you the fulfillment of all your hopes and dreams in the next year!

¡Te deseo el cumplimiento de todas tus esperanzas y sueños en el próximo año!

3. May all your dreams come true in 2024!

¡Que todos tus sueños se hagan realidad en 2024!

4. I hope all your wishes come true this New Year.

Espero que todos tus deseos se hagan realidad este Año Nuevo.

5. Please accept my warmest New Year’s greetings: Feliz Ao Nuevo 2024!

Reciba mis más cordiales saludos de Año Nuevo: ¡Feliz Ao Nuevo 2024!

6. Now is the time to branch out and make new friends and connections. To all my friends and family, I hope you have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a prosperous and joyful 2024

Ahora es el momento de expandirse y hacer nuevos amigos y conexiones. A todos mis amigos y familiares, ¡espero que tengan una maravillosa Nochevieja y un próspero y alegre 2024!

7. I hope you have a wonderful New Year filled with good health and prosperity. All your dreams come true in 2024!

Espero que tengas un maravilloso Año Nuevo lleno de buena salud y prosperidad. ¡Todos tus sueños se hacen realidad en 2024!

8. The best way to make this New Year’s Eve memorable is to spend it with loved ones, so savor every precious moment you get to spend with those you care about most.

La mejor manera de hacer que esta Nochevieja sea memorable es pasarla con tus seres queridos, así que saborea cada precioso momento que pases con tus seres queridos.

Wrap Up

So these were some amazing ways to wish you a happy new year in Spanish. I hope you liked it all. Still, if you need more, please let us know. We are always ready to help.

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