Is In N Out Open on New Years Day 2024?

Is In N Out Open on New Years Day? Yes, In-N-Out Burger confirms its quick service restaurant locations will be open on New Year’s Day 2024 while observing slightly modified holiday hours.

Is In N Out Open on New Years Day?

Guests can still satisfy burger cravings to kick off the new year, just with a later start time and earlier close compared to regular weekends.

In-N-Out New Year’s Day 2024 Hours: Monday, January 1st: 10:30 AM–1:00 AM

What Locations Are Open on New Year’s Day 2024?

As a chain concentrated primarily across the West Coast stronghold through California, Nevada, Arizona and other select states, In-N-Out remains a popular spot for both holiday travelers and local celebrations alike on New Year’s Day when many other eateries close.

The company states that “nearly all of our family-owned locations” plan to serve double-doubles, fries, and shakes from late morning through late night on January 1st, 2024, specifically.

Guests can check the Store Locator for any potential exclusions if visiting from out of state.

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What’s Cooking on In-N-Out’s New Year’s Menu?

In-N-Out keeps ordering straightforwardly year-round, but on hectic holidays, the classic options provide welcome flexibility and familiarity. Expect the whole beloved lineup ready to satisfy cravings as 2023 wraps up, including:

•         The famous Double Double burger

•         Animal-style fries

•         Vanilla/chocolate shakes 

•         Crisp tacos

•         Cheeseburgers

•         Lemonades/soft drinks

Ring in New Year’s West Coast style with a classic feast to go from this iconic drive-thru!

Are In-N-Out Locations Ever Closed on Christmas Day?

Outside of New Year’s adjusted hours, In-N-Out’s only holiday closing each year falls on December 25th for Christmas Day, giving hardworking associates a well-deserved break to spend time with family and friends during the holiday season.

All other federal holidays, like Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July, remain open for regular hours.

So guests can rely on their signature burgers, spiced up with zesty sauces and secret menu hacks, almost every day of the calendar year.

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What Are In-N-Out’s Standard Hours?

When not accommodating holidays, In-N-Out customers can usually set a watch by consistent store hours: 

•         Sunday—Thursday, 10:30 a.m. to 1 a.m.  

•         Friday—Saturday, 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 a.m.

Some newer locations offer extended hours until 2 a.m. Confirm hours for your closest restaurant before visiting in case adjustments occur.

Late-night burger runs remain a tradition!

Will In-N-Out Offer Special NYE Hours?

To meet demand from New Year’s Eve partygoers and hungry night owls, locations traditionally remain open for full hours through midnight going into January 1st, 2024 A.M.

Guests can ring in the year waiting for their food order numbers to get called for celebrated meals between friends. Expect popping confetti and bubbly cheers all around!

Then doors open at the slightly later holiday hours on New Year’s Day proper so crews can refresh and prepare for celebrations continuing into 2024.

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Wrapping up – Is In N Out Open on New Years Day?

While In-N-Out no longer builds locations with indoor dining areas, drive-thrus, and outdoor patios continue serving even in late December and January snow flurries for most spots.

But harsh frozen conditions could force temporary closures in rare cases until precipitation moves through.

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