8 Unique New Year’s Eve Proposal Ideas To Surprise Your Partner

New Year’s Eve is a magical night filled with hope, excitement, and new beginnings.

What better time to start your new beginning than by adopting these special New Year’s Eve Proposal Ideas for your significant other?

New Year’s Eve Proposal Ideas

Make your proposal unique and memorable with these creative ideas.

Idea #1: Countdown Proposal

Cost: $20

Things Needed:

·         Custom sparkler numbers signifying special year (e.g., 2023)

·         Engagement ring

Gather with your partner to watch the ball drop and count down to midnight. Light up sparklers to display the new year (e.g., 2024). As soon as the year changes, get down on one knee and propose

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Idea #2: Midnight Wish Proposal

Cost: $10

Things Needed:

·         New Year’s Eve party props (hats, horns, confetti poppers, etc.)

·         Engagement ring

How To:

1.       Right before midnight, give your partner a noisemaker/hat/etc. to celebrate

2.   Tell them to make a special wish at midnight

3.       After they make their wish, propose and tell them you hope their wish comes true

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Idea #3: New Year’s Resolution Proposal

Cost: $50

Things Needed:

·         Jar full of rolled-up fake “New Year’s Resolutions”

·         Engagement ring rolled up in the middle of the jar

This is gonna be the best New Year’s Eve Proposal Ideas. On New Year’s Eve, give your partner the jar filled with resolutions. Ask them to pick one to read 1 minute before midnight. They’ll unroll the engagement ring resolution and find the ring inside!

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Idea #4: Midnight Toast Proposal

Cost: $30

Things Needed:

·         Bottle of champagne

·         Custom champagne flutes

·         Engagement ring tucked into one flute

Pour champagne into flutes right before midnight. Make a toast at midnight and invite your partner to take a drink. They’ll find the ring at the bottom of their glass!

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Comparing Proposal Ideas #1-4

IdeaCostThings NeededHow To Do
Countdown$20Sparkler numbers, ringDisplay year with sparklers, propose at midnight
Wish$10Party props, ringGive partner prop, propose after they make a wish
Resolution$50Jar of resolutions with ringPartner picks resolution, finds ring
Toast$30Champagne, custom flutes with ringToast at midnight, partner finds the ring in a glass

Idea #5: NYE Scavenger Hunt Proposal

Cost: $100

Things Needed:

·         Engagement ring

·         Clues guiding partner through special NYE locations

·         Photographer to capture the moment

Guide your partner through a scavenger hunt on NYE. End the hunt by meeting them at a special spot and proposing. Capture the surprise moment on camera! Make sure your partner ain’t know the drill that what you’re gonna do. Keep things in secret until you execute your plans. Always have a plan B for a backup.

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Idea #6: Fireworks Proposal

Cost: $500

Things Needed:

·         Professional fireworks display

·         Custom fireworks with proposal message

·         Engagement ring

·         Photographer

How To:

1.       Take your partner to view a NYE fireworks show

2.   When it concludes, set off a custom display with a proposal

3.       They’ll turn around to see you down on one knee, ring in hand!

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Comparing Proposal Ideas #5-6

IdeaCostThings NeededHow To Do
Scavenger Hunt$100Clues, ring, photographerLead partner on the hunt, propose at the end
Fireworks$500Custom fireworks display, ring, photographerPropose after the fireworks display

Idea #7: Hot Air Balloon Sunrise Proposal

Cost: $750

Things Needed:

·         Hot air balloon ride at dawn on NYD

·         Champagne toast supplies

·         Engagement ring

·         Photographer

How To:

1.       Take your partner on a hot air balloon ride as the sun rises on New Year’s Day

2.   As you float over the beautiful landscape, pop the question

3.       Celebrate with a champagne toast!

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Idea #8: Puzzle Scavenger Hunt Proposal

Cost: $150

Things Needed:

·         Custom jigsaw puzzle leading to NYE party venue

·         Engagement ring delivered by the server at party’s end

·         Photographer

How To:

1.       Send your partner on a scavenger hunt to solve a jigsaw puzzle

2.   The completed puzzle displays the NYE party invite

3.       Propose at the party’s culmination when a server delivers the ring

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Comparing Proposal Ideas #7-8

IdeaCostThings NeededHow To Do
Hot Air Balloon$750Balloon ride, champagne, ring, photographerPropose mid-air on NYD sunrise ride
Puzzle Hunt$150Custom puzzle leading to NYE party with a ringPartner solves the puzzle, proposed at party

Wrapping up

There are 8 unique and romantic New Year’s Eve Proposal Ideas to make the start of your new life together unforgettable.

With costs and specific supply information, you have everything you need to create the perfect proposal moment this holiday season!

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