Why Do New Year’s Resolutions Fail? 5 Top Reasons and Easy Solutions

Why do new year’s resolutions fail?

Many people make new year’s resolutions, plans, and goals. However, less than half can achieve them during the next year, which makes them depressed and under stress. Why are they unsuccessful? Is it just a waste of time? How can we improve? 

Do you want the answers to these frequently asked questions?

Let’s delve in and discover them all.

Why Do New Year’s Resolutions Fail?

Expectations and Rules

When a new year arises, we set many goals, and expectations are too high initially. We make strict rules for ourselves, tough timetables, and busy schedules according to our over-expectations. A new start comes with true hope, but we misjudge our abilities and make a perfect picture for ourselves.

This world, however, needs us to be realistic. Many factors slow us down, we can not achieve what we want, and ultimately we get so stressed and fed up with a hectic schedule that we give up on it. These are the factors that make our resolutions go down.


We need to see our true selves, actual abilities, and what we can achieve. It would not do by imagining oneself to have superhuman powers and accomplish everything at once. Remember that slow and steady wins the race. 

Normalize your routine, humanize your expectations, and do not get depressed about not achieving something but always do positive and encouraging self-talk. If you find your goals a hard nut to crack, remember that its reward will be as much sweeter. 

Never give up, and stay focused. Give yourself little treats after every achievement, boost yourself up, and give yourself free time and permit for recreation. Keep in mind that small awards create momentum to achieve the bigger goal.

Fast Outcomes and Quick Rewards

In this fast-paced world, we want ourselves to be fast-paced as well. We set our goals high and imagine ourselves achieving them all quickly. But we must remember that we are not machines, computers, or robots that can work continuously at a fast speed. 

We are humans. We must take care of ourselves, our health, and many other factors slow us down. When we strive for fast outcomes but get rewards too late, each time, our hope slices down to a sliver, and its joy reduces.

We do not enjoy getting late outcomes and working so hard for it makes us think it is a waste of time. Ultimately, we stop working and suffer from breakdowns.


We need to realize that even though we do need to work at a quick pace, we are still humans. Even machines need some rest to stay active and tip-top. Moreover, if we do not get results the first time, we must try again till we succeed. It is only useful moving forward if you have spent quality time on the previous work to achieve a goal. 

Do not get lazy but give yourself some time to relax and enjoy. Instead of setting hard rules and timetables with lots of results in a single day, make yourself work on these tasks deftly but without any worry. Instead of setting a goal such as losing x weight, reading y books, or walking z miles in one run, set yourself smaller goals, and enjoy little treats. Do not waste time and later feel guilty. Be patient and believe in yourself.

Accountability Partner

It is always useful when we have a partner to keep us on schedule and save precious time. But some people choose the wrong accountability partner, guide, or mentor who distracts them and moves them away from their right track and hence away from their goal. 

They sap your energy, make you interested in something else or make you lose flourish in your work. Some become jealous and evil eyes get the better of us. 


Always choose a person who you can trust. Make them keep track of your time and let you utilize it carefully on specifically chosen good activities. Work with people who elevate your confidence and keep your spirits high instead of making you feel down.

Timetables and Schedules

When it comes to long time goals, timetables and schedules play an important part. Some people make a long list of resolutions but do not do any planning. Lack of planning makes us waste our time and postpone things until the huge pile is upon us. It makes us feel stressed and give up on our goals altogether.


We should know that planning comes before implementation. Agendas make us stick to a schedule and work towards success. Break the goal into smaller weekly parts and strive to complete them.

These small accomplishments are going to boost you up and give you self-confidence. Work hard to keep to schedule and avoid wasting time. Planning will surely solve the issue.

Self Talk

The one person we talk to most is ourselves. When people fail to achieve something, they do negative self-talk that works to slow them down and keep them ashamed of themselves.

It makes them feel guilty all the time; they stop enjoying the true meaning of life and always think badly of themselves. Self-criticism is the one thing that destroys a person’s character and stops them from achieving their goals.


New Year is a time to forget all past mistakes and give yourself a chance to prove what you can do and accomplish. Never think you are less than anybody. You have your ability and uniqueness. Always be positive, and keep giving yourself positive remarks like,

  • Good job!
  • Well done on accomplishing that one!
  • No problem, we can do it again.
  • You can do this!

And give yourself small treats that will make you work harder for the next goal. It is scientifically proven that positive self-talk wonders for one’s mindset and physical and mental ability. So never be the cause of your downfall!


New Year’s resolutions are not a waste of time. They keep you focused and let you beneficially utilize your time. The only thing hindering your progress is some factors that slow you down. Just use these little solutions to fix it, and you will be surprised by the result.

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