Best Caribbean Island For new Years eve

Looking for the best Caribbean Island for new years eve, Puerto Rico is a wonderful mix of city vibes, beaches and the great outdoors. For a lively nightlife, the capital San Juan is an ideal destination not to be missed. 

Begin your exploration of this great Island city historic Old San Juan , and discover hidden Spanish history in every cobbled, 16th-century street.

Best Caribbean Island For new Years eve

The Umbrella Street

In San Juan Cayenne de Fortaleza, this is a beautiful cobblestone street known as “Umbrella Street” because lots of umbrellas are hanging up. They also hang the Puerto Rican flag. This is the spot to go if you are looking for a lively environment.

                                                         Umbrella Street


People of the island welcome the year by pouring buckets of water out of their doors as a symbol of cleaning houses from evil.

At the start of the year, Puerto Ricans also clean their homes, and they believe that this will continue for the whole year.

Since Puerto Rico was ruled by Spain, it’s a Spanish tradition where people eat twelve grapes at the last twelve seconds of the year.

Another tradition is to sprinkle sugar in front of the house for good luck.


Some people prefer spending the evening at home with their loved ones. Some cruise ships and others party on the streets with crowds. There are too many spots on the island where you can spend New Year’s Eve.

The fireworks

The Condado Beach in Puerto Rico has a magnificent fireworks show, and a mega fireworks show is also hosted by the Puerto Rico Convention Center, which can be seen from miles away. However, it’s strictly advised by the experts to stay as near as possible to your hotel because traffic can be a problem while returning.

Hotels and Resorts 

The Fairmont El San Juan Hotel 

This hotel on the island is a blend of modern art and old-world master pieces. This is the most wanted hotel on the island, with elegant pools, 13 bars, restaurants, and lounges with nightclubs. The hotel includes a state-of-the-art spa as well. The best place to spend an event without too much hustle, bustle, and crowds

Caribe Hilton

Caribe hilton was once the crown of Spain, is now the most elegant place to spend the New Year. Its award-winning architecture with windows facing the sea adds more class to the new year’s night. Enjoy the most special night of the year with top-class bands and the most popular DJs in the country.

Copamarina Beach Resort 

Source: tripadvisor

Ring the new year’s bell at the picture-perfect resort with the best view of the beach. Enjoy dinner with great bands inspired by New York style. Great fireworks at night with a picture-perfect view.

Aloft San Jaun Hotel

You want to have a Fancy party, say no more!

Book a VIP lounge with a pool deck at the Aloft San Jaun Hotel for you and your friends. Enjoy live, classy music and give a toast of champagne to the new year at the bell.

La Concha Renaissance Resort

La Concha Renaissance Resort, with its modern lobby that is readily converted into a colorful party space on the eve is the new 20’s destination for the new year’s eve. Enjoy live performances in this modern lobby and say good-bye to the old year in style.

Family Friendly Activities 


If you don’t want a back-breaking party and want to spend the day peacefully, fishing is always an option. The water around Puerto Rico is home to great aquatic species, including snapper, blue marlin, white marlin, yellow mouth, grouper, mahi-mahi, yellowfin tuna, tarpon, wahoo, and more!

If the fishing is not within your budget, you can also share the voyage with other passengers and enjoy a budget-friendly, classy experience.


Perfect day to get some color and bring in the new year super soaked.

Beach Escond

The water is super clear and really warm, it isn’t too wavy but just wavy enough. Also, the sand is beautiful white.

Bioluminescent Bay

There are three bioluminescent beaches in Puerto Rico that are magnificent wonders to visit at night. The mosquito bay is famous among all the bioluminescent islands of Puerto Rico. The Ecke island off the coast of Puerto Rico is also considered a Puerto Rican Territory. 

If you have time to go there at night, the beaches glow at night as if someone scattered stars on it. The glow is Brightest in darkest nights. New Year’s New Moon is the best time of year. There are glass-bottom kayak tours where your voyage feels like you are floating on the stars. The best activity for the special night.

All inclusive

Puerto Rico is becoming a favorite tourist spot for festivals, as they have one every second week, and each festival is celebrated with great joy by the young-hearted people of Puerto Rico.

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