Top Things to do in Savannah for new years in 2024

Ever wanted a place to celebrate New Year’s Eve with lively nights, vibrant culture, delicious food, and historical places? Look no further! There is a place you could go; right there in South America.  Along the gems of the south is Savannah, Georgia. 

 Here we’ll make a list of the Top things to do in Savannah for New Years Eve and also the places where you can experience the Peak of Savannah Special activities.

Top Ten things to do in Savannah For the New Years Eve

Tour on Trolley

Take a tour on a trolley. It is a great way to start the special day. Also, it is a great way to explore restaurants and bars you might want to visit later for the night. There are also luxury trollies. You can opt for a minibus or a Mercedes trolley.

Savannah River Street

Once you get off the trolley, you might want to take a stroll on River Street to admire the Savannah River. You will come across many great restaurants, bars, and shops. Food scene here is quite unique, This southern city Savannah showcase awide variety of food and cocktails.

Welcome the new year in style while standing on the floor of an elite Savannah River Board Cruise 

Among the top things for the New Year’s eve in Savannah Cruise Trip is on the top. You’ll be entertained by the captain’s tales, folklore, and historical details about Savannah while you sail the beautiful Savannah River and pass by attractions like the “Girl Waving” and other sites.

At the end of the year, several special cruises feature entertainment, party favors, and a cash bar on board! The Cruise is for all ages.

Dress your best and attend the New Year’s Eve gala on the cruise. It is recommended to book tickets prior to the Eve

Low key high energy celebration

If you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a back-breaking party, There are many bars  in Savannah that are full of lights. These are hotspots for the most energetic younger people, where they dance the night off, having drink after drink until they pass out. Some famous hotspot for party are

Lone Wolf Lounge

2429 Lincoln St., Savannah, GA 31401

Wet Willie’s, River Street

101 E. River Street, Savannah, GA 31401

Jen’s & Friends

34 Bull Street, Savannah, GA 31401

Family Friendly events

Forsyth Park

Many parks, such as Forsyth Park, have lovely fountains and sculptures. Enjoy the fragrant garden or relax by the fountain. Read the book or have a picnic with your friends.

Mrs. Wilkes’s

You can take your loved ones to Mrs. Wilkes’s, where you’ll find the best rotisserie chicken, macaroni, okra, and more. 

City market 

The popular City Market in Savannah comes alive with family-friendly activities on New Year’s Eve. The market is located in the largest historic district of the United States, and it has been a popular destination for entertainment, dining, and the arts.

Spend the last day of the year with kids enjoying kids’ favorite activities of the city market including face painting, hair painting, and makeup. The petting zoo offers an up-close encounter with small wild animals.

Movies and plays

The Savannah Theater has been popular with audiences since it first opened in 1818. Over the years, big names such as Sarah Bernhardt, Tyrone Powers, WC Fields, Oscar Wilde, and many others have performed on this stage.

Today, the restored 1940s Art Deco theater plays live performances year-round—the most spectacular of which are on New Year’s Eve.

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 Lights in the air

Savannah Water Front 

List of top things to do in Savannah for New Year’s Eve is incomplete without fireworks.Every year on New Year’s Eve, there is this magnificent fireworks display near Savannah Waterfront. Enjoy the night with a champagne toast at the historic Landmark Plant River Side. Bring the most comfortable chair and see the amazing fireworks that can be seen from miles away. The fireworks are absolutely free; however, the parking lots may charge around $5.


Tybee island 

Another good place to watch the fireworks is on Tybee Island. The island is 17.5 mi away from Savannah city and hosts the most spectacular fireworks in southern and eastern America. If you have time, spend as much time as you can on the island because New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest days of the island, and the magnificent fireworks can be seen from any beach of the island, from the most peaceful ones to the overcrowded ones as well.

In conclusion Savannah, Georgia Delivers truly unforgettable celebrations for the start of new year.

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