Best New Years Eve Cruises 2024 – Everything You Need To Know!

New Year’s is, undoubtedly, the best time of the year. And everyone wants to celebrate it in the best way possible.

Enjoy this season’s New Year’s on the cruise with breathtaking water views, exquisite taste cuisine, cocktails and drinks, fireworks, and much more. 

Best New Year’s Eve Cruises 2024

Celebrating New Year on a cruise ship with your family, friends, or even the special one can be an exceptional experience. Traveling and enjoying, eating your favorite cuisine, and enjoying your drinks alongside the ocean truly sounds like an utter beauty. 

Let’s check some available cruises this New Year’s Eve:

Azamara Cruises:

best new years eve cruises

 The big Azamara ship can hold up to 690 passengers, offering each guest’sests superb amenities.

Azamara features an exquisite dinner menu for its people on the 31st of December, and the New Year’s Eve traditional party is held on the Deck. 

You will have all the party favors, amazing food, bars, midnight champagne toast, and much more!

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Costa Cruises:

Ring in the New Year’s with their lavish six-course dinner.

The New Year’s Eve party is so grand that you will want to spend every New Year here. It offers Live music, a Live Dj, and large displays on the big screen on the poolside. 

The special festivities are carried out after midnight, with a special New Year’s midnight buffer and all-night-long dancing on the dance floors. 

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Disney Cruise Line:

Disney is hosting a big New Year’s Eve party that no one would want to miss!

The party features Live music, an exquisite dinner with a big sparkling wine list, sweet bg music, and memorializing flutes. 

There will be a special New Year’s Eve menu with cocktails, a themed holiday giveaway, a magnificent fireworks display, and all of your favorite Disney characters dressed in your favorite costumes. 

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Holland America Line:

What’s better than attending a ball on a cruise? Exactly!

Holland America Line features a glamorous grand New Year’s Eve ball for all its guests. The ball features all party favors, Live music, performances from different actors, and the mandatory champagne toast at midnight. 

Guests will be kept entertained with Live performances from Rolling stone rock band, King’s all-stars, B.B., and Billboard Onboard. Guests will also be allowed to enjoy Bowling and other championship games.

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Celebrity Cruises:

The Celebrity cruise has the most fun and vibrant New Year’s Eve party for you. 

The party offers Live music, party favors, noise makers, holiday favors, and Live performances. The guests are also showered with much more entertainment; they can watch their favorite College Bowl championship football games and the views from the Oceanview Cafe. 

The night would come to an end with the mandatory Champagne toast and the ball drop.

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Cunard Cruise:

Cunard has three Queen ships. Each throws huge New Year’s Eve and huge glamorous New Year’s Eve balls.

Cunard Queen ships facilitate you in many entertaining ways and at several venues. 

The huge celebration offers a complete ball drop with a countdown, Champagne, a special night menu, and the best night music ever.

The night will be made extra with the complimentary Champagne Toast at midnight. 

Superb Fireworks displays can also be seen from the Cunard ship, making New Year’s Eve even more special.

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Norwegian Cruise Line:

Norwegian Cruise offers guests the festive grand New Year’s Eve dinner.

The cruise throws a huge NYE party, offering dozens of amenities and entertainment. 

Guests have access to the bars, cuisine, the sparkling champagne lane, and much more. The countdown is followed by a mandatory Champagne Toast, which makes the night even bigger and more special. 

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Oceania Cruises:

Want to ring in the New Year on a cruise deck? Oceania Cruise brings just the fun to you!

The grand parties on the cruise are all entertaining and enthusiastic. There’s no chance of boredom happening on the Oceania Ship.

The Cruise offers Live music, Live performances, noise makers, bars, party hats, the big night special menu, and much more. 

The night’s fun is carried out more when the countdown begins, and the mandatory Champagne Toast is served. 

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Windstar Cruise:

The special Windstar Cruise on a special day like New Year. 

The Windstar cruise is a beautiful big ship offering the best New Year’s Eve night. 

The events thrown at the cruise have a traditional touch to them. The most senior member of the crew rings out the old year, and the newest member of the crew rings into the New Year!

The passengers are offered complete party favors, Live music, Live performances, dancing, the big countdown by the ship captain, and the mandatory champagne toast at the countdown.

You can find the deals for the Windstar Cruise here. 

Silversea Cruises:

The special countdown, the Complimentary Champagne glass, noise makers, party hats, and steamers will be given to all the Passengers at the big Silversea’s New Year’s Eve Gala.

Celebrations start early on the cruise with all the pre-dinner preparations for the guests and the show’s live performances. 

The guests also have entertainment in the daytime with Live music and Live performances all around the main restaurant. 

The big New Year’s Eve night has a lot of surprises,s including Music, bands, gifts, giveaways, and a lot more until the ball drops and the complimentary champagne toast is served. 

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Wrap it up!

If talking in short, celebrating any occasion on a cruise gives you an amazing feeling. 

And talking about New Year? It is the most awaited and celebrated day in the World. 

The article lists all known and important cruises you can visit and ring into this season’s New Year. 

Be safe, and have a blessed New Year ahead. 

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