How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Dubai – 5 Exciting Ways

It is hard to believe how swiftly 2023 has passed, like a blink of an eye. However, one exciting aspect of the year drawing to a close is the imminent arrival of spectacular festivities to welcome the upcoming year.

New Year’s Eve is a golden time of celebration and the most precious time for couples, kids, and many more. What’s most special to us all is that we can enjoy this time, and much more special to those in Dubai. Why?

Dubai has some extraordinary things you can experience while welcoming your new year. And guess what? The article covers all those exciting things.

So without any delays, let get to answer the question, How to celebrate new year’s eve in Dubai.

5 Ways for ”How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Dubai”:

Watch the Dazzling fireworks of Burj Khalifa:

If you are in Dubai this New Year’s Eve, get ready to be dazzled by Burj khalifa’s beautiful fireworks. Undoubtedly, people travel to Dubai to experience this grand event, and no one can deny the fascination and beauty of this world’s largest building. 

 To enjoy an exclusive viewing experience in Downtown Dubai, guests can conveniently register through the U by Emaar app. Upon registration, you will be allocated a designated viewpoint and must present a QR code for seamless access to the designated area.

Head to Dubai Mall early to secure your viewing spot at the Dubai Fountain promenade.

 So it is advised to arrive around 5:30 or 6:00 Pm to find a nice spot to enjoy this iconic event. 

Skydive your way;

It’s the time when we ring out the old and ring in the new. So what are you waiting for? Stand up, push your boundaries and skydive this New Year’s Eve

Skydive at the palm jumeirah realizes your dream of flying. The aircraft soars and reach a perfect altitude of 13,000 feet. It’s time to disembark the aircraft and embark on a thrilling adventure. Brace yourself for the pumping free fall for the full 60 seconds.  

Right before your instructor pulls the cord, get ready to immerse yourself in a breathtaking sight. Take in the unobstructed panoramic view of Palm Jumeirah, and have a great New Year’s Eve.

Have a luxury Dinner and watch a show in Dubai opera:

 What would be better than having a luxury dinner cruise and watching a show at Dubai Opera? Get ready when the clock strikes twelve as DJ takes over the crowd, and Dubai Opera is here to give you several immiscible shows.

You can choose the slot of the dinner cruise based on your availability, either in the daytime or in the evening. 

Dubai Opera will present a fantastic gala and a themed party this new year’s Eve that will last till dawn. Before enjoying the spectacular Dubai Opera show, you must be looking for a delicious meal. One of the best places to have dinner is Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina, that will relish your taste buds. 

Go for Dubai Fountain Lake Excursion:

Another fascinating thing to do during this New Year celebration is head towards the Dubai fountain for a boat ride. Hop onto an Arabian dhow boat and gain a unique sailing experience on this traditional water boat.

Side by side, during this lake ride, you can also enjoy various music and light shows of the eye-catching Dubai fountain. The best bit, you will get a perfect view of the water dancing along the beats of the live music in your comfort zone. Lake ride will highlight your new year’s activity and let you sail along the magnificent Dubai fountain.

Party your way:

Embrace the trendiest approach to welcoming the new year in Dubai by attending electrifying New Year’s Eve parties.

Dubai provides top lounges and clubs for lavish parties to make this Eve exciting and fun.

 Numerous restaurants and bars have curated their sensational events, featuring live music and fully stocked bars, ensuring an unforgettable celebration. 

Barasati, Bahri Bar, Zero Gravity Party and Cavalli Club are among the favourite clubs giving views of Burj ul Arab while enjoying the party.

 Immerse yourself in the vibrant music scenes of Dubai by attending one of the live concerts hosted in various locations of Dubai.

Here’s The Recap:

In a nutshell, the city’s vitality and appeal draw tourists from all over the world for a celebration. Therefore, if you’re looking for a place to celebrate the New Year, Dubai should be at the top of your list.

 The arrival of the new year provides a perfect opportunity to reunite with loved ones and celebrate the passing of another year. Create some unforgettable moments this Eve, whether you choose to spend it hiking or clubbing. Celebrations in Dubai might include anything from a lavish meal at a five-star restaurant to a ride on a desert safari. 

All-inclusive Dubai provides everything you could possibly need to have a wonderful New Year’s Eve, whether you want to go out and about with friends and colleagues, spend time with family and children, or stay inside. 

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