Is Marshalls open on New Years Eve 2024? Find The Best Answer

We all are very well aware of the high-quality services that Marshalls provide. It is a top-rated store that offers you to afford high-profile fashion clothing at reasonable prices. 

With the new year being around the corner, everyone is in a rush. People are mostly busy and only get time when it’s their holidays. Marshalls is one of the top brands people approach the most. So the answer to your question, 

Is Marshalls open on New Years Eve?” 

Is, A Big Yes!

Marshalls on New Year’s Eve

Marshalls offer you an affordable and desirable mix of high-quality products so that you can easily pull off your style, whether classic, eclectic, aesthetic or super-trend; everything is approachable here at good prices. 

The Opening hours of Marshalls on New Year’s Eve

Marshalls is a big company, the kind of company that earns more on holidays because people enjoy shopping more on their holidays. That is why Marshalls is open throughout the year.

Though only sometimes open to customers. 

However, before visiting the store to buy goods or anything, it is better to keep a record of its opening and closing hours, just in case.

The regular opening hours of Marshalls are 9:30 AM, and it opens from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays, the stores generally open at 11 AM.

The Closing hours of Marshalls on New Year’s Eve

Marshalls is usually open every day to serve its customers, no matter what time on the clock. The only Festive days you won’t find the store open are Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, and Thanksgiving. 

The store is open on any other day. The regular hours on days like New Year’s Eve may reduce to some hours compared to the regular days. 

The store closes at 6 PM on New Year’s Eve and closes at 9 PM on regular days. And opens at 9 AM again on the first day of the year. 

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1. Is Marshalls open in Canada on New Year’s Eve?

Yes, as we know, Marshalls is always there to serve its customers, no matter what time or day. It is open for people on New Year’s Eve as well. The usual hours are reduced, and you may want to visit the store early for shopping. 

The regular hours start from 9 AM – 9 PM but can be affected on special days like New Year’s Eve.

2. Is Marshalls open in the Uk on New Year’s Eve?

Marshall’s store is open everywhere on New Year’s Eve. The regular hours are only reduced to fewer hours, but they open even if for some time so that no customers of their turn their backs on sad faces. 

The general hours are 9 AM – 5 PM, Monday to Friday. It can change on festive days; it’s always better to have a backup plan for events like these. 


The Marshalls store, all around the World, is known for its prestigious services. The festive days such as New Year’s Eve, may have fewer hours than the regular days. The store might get shut sooner, depending on the need. So it’s always better to have a record on your hand about the timing and a must-backup plan. 

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