Top New Year’s Eve Events in Araku

Araku Valley is known for its natural environment, lush green coffee plants, and pleasant climate. Spending New Year’s Eve here will allow you to adore what you have and to build meaningful connections with your loved ones and yourself.

In this article, we’ll list various events that take place on New Year’s Eve at Araku.

New Year’s Eve Events in Araku

Wilderness for non-party folk

Since Araku Valley is known for its natural environment, lush green coffee plants, and pleasant climate, people who don’t like parties can go camping in the wilderness of Araku Valley and have fun times with friends while eating noodles and sipping cups of coffee.

As long as you bring the refreshments to the camps, you can also host a small party on New Year’s Eve. Treksome and Mountain Campaign Com are special camping sites that give you an eagle-eye view of the Araku Valley. They offer dance and music, with a ritzy cake-cutting ceremony at the bell.

 You can share confessions that were never shared before, scary stories, and nostalgic stories while sitting by the bonfire with your friends. After all, it’s all about memories. The money you spend there is worth every penny, considering the stunning view and quality time with quality people.

 Source: Source: Treksome Facebook Page

Dhimsa Dance: 

Don’t miss the famous tribal dance of the Araku Tribes, in which old and young, men or women, anyone can participate. New Year’s Eve is the time when locals famously clear their hearts from all the grudges of the past year. The Dhimsa dance is performed on the eve, in which neighboring tribes join hands, which is a reflection of unity and a symbol of letting go of grudges.


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Haritha Mayuri Hill Resort

Situated within the scenic Araku Valley is the popular Haritha Mayuri Hill Resort, which hosts the New Year’s Eve festival every year. It’s known for its cultural Turkish performances followed by a special dinner.

If you’re roaming around Araku Valley as a tourist and prefer to celebrate New Year’s Eve in a quieter place, the Mayuri Hill Resort is the place for you, as they provide suites with private balconies where you can enjoy the aesthetic fireworks peacefully sitting on the balcony with your loved ones.

Hill Park Resorts

Hill Park Resort  is a very beautiful resort in the valley for New Year’s Eve celebrations, with a low price range that becomes even more economical as you increase the number of people you are booking for. The full party package involves dinner, cultural and magical shows, and the evening’s countdown.

Ananthagiri Hill Resort

If you are travelling via car, you should prefer Ananthagiri Hill Resort, and you’ll be amazed to see the beautiful roads and views leading towards it. Tribal Dance Arranged by Ananthagiri Hill Resort is the best attraction for tourists on New Year’s Eve.

Padmapuram Gardens and Araku Tribal Museum:

Why not bring the kids out to celebrate the day and get them to rest early for some much-needed sleep? The Padmapuram Gardens (a botanical garden) are a must-see if you are in Araku Valley. 

It was built during the Second World War and is of great historical importance. The best place to hang out with children and teach them some valuable lessons 

The Araku Tribal Museum shows a great picture of tribal culture. You can visit the museum with your family and show them the tribal history of the area. They may arrange cultural shows on New Year’s Eve, including the Dhimsa dance.

Palm Beach Hotel and Resort:

Although not in the  Araku Valley, very close to it. The Palm Beach Hotel and Resort’s grand New Year’s Eve parties with exotic fireworks by the beach, live music, cultural dance performances, and a luxury buffet are great tourist attractions.

 Besides New Year’s Eve, the resort has a very good rating and is ranked among the top resorts in the state.

For the Food Lovers:

Now that you are in Araku Valley for New Year’s Eve, don’t miss the chance to taste delicious local foods like bamboo chicken (chicken cooked in bamboo sticks) and Bongulo chicken. Don’t forget to take a sip of the world-famous Araku Gold coffee.

                                                                    Cooking of Bamboo Chicken


Long Drives:

You can just drive by the lush green coffee fields of Araku Valley and look at the last sunset of the year. Let the drowning sun be a reminder of the passing of time. Letting go of what you’ve lost, as life is too short to regret the past, which can’t be changed.

Spend New Year’s Eve at Araku Valley and get away from the hectic pace of city life. Slow down and spend quality time in nature and with those you care about. This quiet environment is ideal for a new beginning and starting the new year with gratitude.


Q: Are there any New Year’s Eve events in Araku Valley?

   A: New Year’s Eve celebrations are more common in Andhra Pradesh’s Araku Valley. Many hotels, motels, and other tourist accommodations provide guests with New Year’s Eve parties.

Q: What are some popular New Year’s Eve parties in Araku?

   A: Some popular New Year’s Eve parties in Araku Valley include celebrations at the Araku Valley Resorts, Haritha Hill Resort, and various private farmhouses that organize exclusive events.

Q: Can I attend a bonfire event on New Year’s Eve in Araku?

   A: Yes, bonfire events are common in Araku Valley during New Year’s Eve. Many resorts and hotels arrange bonfires where visitors can gather around, enjoy music, and celebrate the evening.

Q: Are there any outdoor New Year’s Eve events in Araku?

   A: Araku Valley’s natural beauty offers opportunities for outdoor New Year’s Eve events. Some resorts and adventure clubs organize outdoor activities like camping, trekking, or bonfire parties in scenic locations.

Q: What time do New Year’s Eve events usually start in Araku?

   A: The start times of New Year’s Eve events in Araku Valley can vary. It is recommended to check the event details or contact the organizers for specific information regarding the start time of the event you wish to attend.

Q: Are there any New Year’s Eve events specifically for families in Araku?

   A: Yes, some New Year’s Eve events in Araku Valley cater to families. Resorts and hotels often organize family-friendly parties with activities for children and special entertainment programs suitable for all ages.

Q: Can I book New Year’s Eve packages in Araku?

   A: Yes, many resorts and hotels in Araku Valley offer New Year’s Eve packages that include accommodation, meals, and access to the event celebrations. Check with the specific resorts or hotels for package details and availability.

Q: Will there be fireworks on New Year’s Eve in Araku Valley?

   A: Fireworks displays are not very common in Araku Valley on New Year’s Eve. However, some resorts or private event organizers may arrange small-scale fireworks for their celebrations. It is advisable to check with the organizers for any planned fireworks displays.

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